Yung Gli$t Talks Beauty and Creativity with Latest Track ‘Kiyomi’

HHW Staff

A Hip Hop artist with an eye for the beautiful things, Yung Gli$t is a musician with talent to share. Recently, he released a single titled “Kiyomi” which translates to beautiful and that is exactly what this track portrays.

Yung Gli$t has been surrounded by music for much of his life, growing up with music always being played in his house. He draws inspiration from his late father who was also a musician. “My father passed away when I was younger. I draw a lot of inspiration from him. He was a musician before I was born.”

Yung Gli$t created “Kiyomi” after an argument with the mother of his child. “What really motivated me to make this track was an argument I had with my baby mama. It really helped the song come into play with all of the emotions and creativity that I had pent up. It came together perfectly in this song.”

“Kiyomi” is focused on the creativity and beauty that Yung Gli$t sees in his life. He hopes that his fans can see this as well. “I’ve been getting a lot of good feedback from the song. There have been a lot of streams and there have been a lot of new people interested in my music. When they listen to my song, I want them to think about how different it is and how original it sounds.

I want them to take that in and inspire them to be creative and original in their own way. The main thing for me is being original and creative.”

“My favorite part about this experience has been being able to see people’s faces light up when they hear my song. I love to inspire people and this has been an amazing opportunity for that.

Yung Gli$t is gearing up to release a video to go along with “Kiyomi” that features the beauty of his home in Columbus, Ohio. “I want to represent my city and show everyone where I am from.” Yung Gli$t has defined his relationship with his home as being a love/hate relationship. “I love my city, but there is so much negative feedback coming from people. It seems like so often people are trying to tear each other down rather than build them up.” One of Yung Gli$t’s main goals is to support musicians that emerge from his community and help them through the rough experiences of living in a city such as his own.

An advocate for independent musicians, Yung Gli$t supports the idea of having creative freedom. “I think that being independent is the best way to go right now, there is so much going on in the world and I really value my independence right now. It is one of the most important things to me.”

Yung Gli$t plans to continue growing and expanding himself as an artist. He hopes to expand his fan base and reach as many people as he possibly can. “I just want to spread my message. It is so important to be yourself and express yourself in that way. I want that message to spread like wildfire.”

Be sure to check out Yung Gli$t on social media as well as listen to his music via the links below.

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