Yung Gecko Has A Unique Approach To Music

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Many artists in the music industry hire others during the production process of releasing a song. Whether this be purchasing a beat, going to a studio, having a track mix and mastered, or marketing and promotion for an already released song, there is money to be spent on every one of these musical necessities. Using one or multiple services listed above can drive a deep hole into your pockets before and after a song is released. Unlike many others, Yung Gecko is an independent artist who stands out from the crowd by being a part of the whole production process from beginning to end. Looking at himself as a “complete” musician, Yung Gecko does not want to unnecessarily spend money when he can efficiently do something on his own.

The most popular thing for rappers to do is purchase a beat. Purchasing a beat can seem like a cheap expense when they only cost between $25-$50 for the lowest priced license, but there is a catch. Unless an artist is ready to spend between a few hundred or even a few thousand for exclusive rights to the beat, then they will have to split the royalties by 50 percent with the producer. On a small scale, with releasing a single, this may not sound too adverse, but in the long run, a royalty split can be a strong burden on a beginning artist. If a song blows up then the artist can pretend they didn’t even receive half of the streams they gained, and for a successful 10 song album, they can pretend they are only getting paid for 5 of the 10 songs. Upcoming musician Yung Gecko does not want to jump through these hurdles and instead makes his own beats, records in his own studio, mixes and masters his tracks, and promotes each release all on his own. This seemingly dedicated mindset allows Yung Gecko to collect 100 percent of his royalties and gives him a sense of pride knowing the entire song belongs to him.

A way to break down streaming royalty splits is with an analogy of a pie, the more you cut the pie and give slices to other people like producers and engineers, the less you are leaving to eat for yourself. At the end of the day, everyone is trying to get the biggest slice of pie and if someone can learn to acquire the ingredients on their own and bake it to perfection, then they have crafted a recipe for individual musical success. Yung Gecko has amassed over 3 million total streams across all platforms and has been able to reap the fruits of his hard work without needing to share a penny with others. His streaming royalty income can be reinvested into his music and help him with marketing to better accentuate his musical potential to a larger audience.

Check out Yung Gecko‘s latest single “Down Bad” below and make sure to follow him on his socials to stay in tune with his journey.

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