YQ Dreams Has a Slam Dunk of a Song With His New Release ‘Playmaker’

HHW Staff

New Jersey rapper YQ Dreams is stepping back onto the court after a short hiatus with his latest single “Playmaker,” an exciting track inspired by his enthusiasm for the NBA playoffs. This track is one for the books as it brings together talent, passion and a love of two great things, Hip Hop and basketball.

With a career that started when he was only in middle school, YQ Dreams began making music thanks to a contest that he got extra credit for entering. “I was in middle school and I ended up doing a competition for extra credit and people really liked what I did. They told me I should pursue it. I never really thought much of it until one day, someone hit me up and said ‘Hey come to the studio, lets record,” and the rest is history.”

YQ Dreams draws a great deal of inspiration from artists such as Big Sean, Nipsey Hussle and Kendrick Lamar. “I’m really just inspired by anyone who is trying to inspire and uplift others. I

listen to a lot of the top charts, but when I’m listening to things that I relate to on a personal level, it is always artists that are trying to uplift and inspire others.”

Defining his sound as authentic and relatable, YQ Dreams’ main goal is to connect with his audience and create music that is as personal to them as it is to him. “I think that my music allows you to feel my pain. Listeners are able to look at what I do and know that I am authentic and I go through the same things that they do and that allows us to connect. That is something that I take a lot of pride in.”

“Playmakers,” YQ Dreams’ latest single is a track that came into existence because of the pure excitement that he felt for the NBA Playoffs. “Playmaker is designed around the NBA Playoffs. Basically it is about overcoming adversities and turning them into ‘plays’ which is where the idea of basketball comes in. It is about taking the adversities that you face and turning them into something that is beneficial for you.”

YQ Dreams has a variety of things that he would like to accomplish as he continues his journey as a musician. He is always working on new music and is always ready for his tracks to be heard and enjoyed, but he is also looking to get into avenues such as fashion and real estate.

Keep an eye out for YQ Dreams as he works on a collection of new tracks and prepares to take the coming year by storm.

“It has been a hectic year, but I am ready for things to really take off in 2021.”

“If you believe in yourself over whatever society has to say, then you can do anything. Society has a lot of standards and expectations and it is important to focus on self love and believing in who you are.”

Check out YQ Dreams’ music and social media via the links listed below.



https://music.apple.com/us/album/playmaker/1528276151?i=1528276152 YQ Dreams in Studio session with DaBaby

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