Yonkers Artist Iman Nunez Debuts Music Video for Viral Single The League & Talks Exclusively with Hip Hop Weekly about His Formula for Success

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By Kim Coco

Introduce yourself to our readers! Let them know your name, where you’re from & the name of the project you just dropped!

What’s up everybody! My name is Iman Nunez. I’m an artist out of Yonkers, NY. My music is currently released and distributed through Equity (EQ), a division of Roc Nation. I just dropped the music video for The League which is off my 2 pack called The Night Of. Available now on all platforms!

Iman, the debut of your recent music video- The League ft. Prada Mama made its debut on Oct 28th . That’s off your latest project the Night Of and its going VIRAL! Tell the readers about that single and the creative concept of that video!

I appreciate that! As of late I have been executively producing for an artist named Prada Mama from Yonkers as well. I think she is going to be a star by the way. While I was in the process of working on her project, my producer Los the Religion gave me the beat to listen to which you now known as The League. As soon as I heard it I knew it would be special. I knew what I wanted to do with it so I told Prada “Yo-I need you on this record and I need you to shine. Just do what you do”. Prada Mama heard the beat and loved it, created her verse and killed it. Then we were ready to shoot the video but the pandemic hit. So fast forward we shot it in September at 2 different locations. One in White Plains/ Westchester and Lounge Studios which is where I get my music mixed. I started to show some of the behind the scenes and people seem to love the video and the song. Just from the teasers. The concept of the video is to show the behind the scenes of filming The League – while in the creative process and the actual filming. You can see the photographer with the lights in the way, then the car scene with and without the ladder. We did the best that we could with what we had during a pandemic but the fans went crazy for it.

Music Video: https://youtu.be/bXAQcNFACQg

Download the The League: https://open.spotify.com/track/7lovHhcPLrHULPQICORoYi https://www.deezer.com/us/track/916708702?autoplay=true https://music.apple.com/us/album/the-night-of-single/1505274031 https://music.youtube.com/watch?v=Gl1jb8XlJ9I&feature=share

Tell us the vibe of this song.

The vibe- we wanted to make it feel like if you relate to what we are saying than this is for you as well. I’m just now getting into the position that I am in. That I have worked so hard for. There are a lot of people who can relate to that. It’s got a club vibe and feeling to it which wasn’t intentional. I like to make my music organic and have fun with it and what the end result is anyone’s guess. And with Prada Mama, we have chemistry when we create music and you can definitely see that in this video.

What’s the inspiration behind the name- The League? Is there a subliminal meaning behind this record?

With this record we just really wanted to show the people and give the message we are now in a new league. “Welcome to the League”. This is a different tier than what everyone else is doing and not everyone is built for it

Who helped put The League together with you?

Los the Religion helped me produce this one and almost all of my biggest songs. He heard this beat and thought it would be different. Los told me – I heard this beat and I really think you’ll body it. And he was right.

Which came first the beat or the lyrics?

The beat came first for this one but it can vary. Sometimes I write music and don’t even have a beat picked it yet but for The League- the beat.

Lyrics: “Thought I had it figured out…(Yeah)/Took some time to balance out… (lorrrd)/Never fumble, playing with my paper/How we local, looking like the majors/Highly favored, so they taking wagers/ Claim you with me but you bet against me”


Iman- earlier this year you dropped a 2 pack bundle EP- The Night the Of! Tell the readers about that.

“The Night Of” was something that I wanted to release because it gave me a certain feel. The first song is Nova’s Interlude. It’s a record about my manager and I’m telling it in his perspective as he is telling it to someone. That was really fun because I got to story from his eyes. Then The League- which is a more positive record but it’s DARK. It reminds me of those times when I’m driving alone at night blasting music when vibing it and I can be in 2 different types of moods. This 2 pack is both of my moods. Sometimes when I’m alone I’m in a Nova’s Interlude mood or I can be – like The League Mood. The League just cracked 200K on Spotify.

The Night Of: https://equitydistro.ffm.to/ddxyemx

The League premiered recently on the radio! Tell us about that!

I remember that day actually like yesterday. It was on Power 105 and all thanks to DJ Steph Cakes. She told me she was going to play it and I stayed up all night to hear it. I was so excited. Shout out to her for putting on 2 Yonkers artists. Hearing your music on the radio for the first time as an artist is an amazing experience.

The thing that really makes you the wildcard is that you are so versatile in your sound. It seems like you have created your own genre. Tell the readers a bit about your style as an artist.

I never wanted to box myself in. At the core of it all, I’m a lyricist. That’s where my heart is at but I don’t always want to be in that bag all the time. Sometimes I want to be melodic and sometimes I want to make songs talking about absolutely nothing as long as I’m having fun.

Iman– People are really buzzing about you not only because of your sound and style as an artist but also because you do many other things in your career aside from making music. You are also a songwriter, and executive producer!

Tell the readers about that! Yeah. I song write as well , executive produce work that isn’t mine and I also produce. I don’t make beats but i know exactly how i want something to sound. Besides music, I balance being a student in college, two part time jobs and make sure I focus on my music career every single day.

Iman, you have worked some legendary artists in the industry and you have done some amazing performances. Who have you worked with?

I got my first opportunity by DJ Enuff and been blessed enough to work with Legends from my city like The Lox. I’ve done shows with artists like 21 Savage, PNB Rock, Machine Gun Kelly, Gucci Mane, Desiigner and Fetty Wap. I have also sold out my own headlining shows in NY at SOB’s & Knitting Factory. I’ve been featured on amazing platforms that I will forever be thankful for


You have a really supportive team. Plug your team in.

Chanel (Publicist) , Tarya, Kristen, Synovia is connecting some interviews, Write ups. Nova my manager who is the GOAT. Rondon who’s my right hand man and my team of producers and support team Los, Josh Nunez, ProdbyLen & Haysuse.

Chanel Pettaway of The Legion Media Group is your publicist and has been solid in supporting and pushing you in your career. What is something that you have learned from Chanel?

Something I’ve learned from Chanel is to be authentic. Chanel always tells it how it is and is 100% her at all times. She’s like a big cousin. She watches for me and actually cares and never shy away to tell me the truth. I admire that and move that same way.

Iman you are sponsored by many awesome brands. Plug them in.

I got a sponsor by Swisher Sweets in ATL. They reached out to me for the new artist project and they wanted me on it. I flew to LA with Machine Gun Kelly.

OK Rapid Trivia – One word answers and no elaborating. Ready?

Ready Let’s do it

Sum the current state of Hip Hop in just 1 word.


Who has the best pizza in Yonkers?

Gino’s South Broadway Yonkers

Name your favorite Old School rapper:

Jay Z

Name your favorite New School Rapper:

J Cole

Who are the TOP 5 artists of all time dead or alive?

Kanye, Jay Z, Lil Wayne, J Cole , Kid Cudi

If you could collaborate and make a hit record with any artist- ONE DEAD AND ONE ALIVE- which 2 musicians are you picking?

DEAD: Bob Marley

ALIVE: Stevie Wonder or Sade

You’re standing in front of 2 doors and have one key. The door to the left goes to your past. The door to the right goes to your future. You get 24 hours behind one of those doors. Which door are you opening ? And why?

Wow…..I will have to choose the future. Just because I seen in movies many times that when you go to the past and change any little thing, your entire future changes

What is one thing that you think even with all the riches and fame in the world that money can still never buy?


This part is called – Do you believe in? Yes or No responses only . READY?


Santa Clause: no

Aliens: kinddd of

Big Foot: no

Life after Death: ehhh, half and half

Ghosts: inbetween

Divine Timing: yes

Fate: yes

A Power Higher than you: Absolutely

Miracles: yes

Magic: nah

Love at first sight: yes

Soulmates: yes

Iman Nunez- Do You Believe In Yourself? 100%

Thank you Iman for taking the time to talk to me and Hip Hop Weekly Magazine today! Your new Project “The League” is Out Now! Where can our readers find you on social media? Plug yourself in so we know how to find you for features, collaborations, more interviews, bookings and all things you!

Google Music: https://g.co/kgs/U25itY

All Links: https://solo.to/onlyoneiman

Email: officialoneiman@gmail.com

Instagram: @onlyoneiman

Twitter: @onlyoneiman

YouTube: – CLICK TO SUBSCRIBE! https://www.youtube.com/onlyoneiman

Press/ Media/ Business Inquiries: chanelrae@thelegionmediagroup.com

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