Xiiro Talks her Musical Influences her Plans for 2021 & More

How did your upbringing influence the music you make today?

I was raised by my aunt and grandmother and because my grandma is religious, I went to a private school and I was in choir. My choir teachers were big influences on the way that I sound but style wise, I was influenced by the music my aunt and grandma played at home which included a lot of Gospel , R&B , and hip-hop. My main musical influences were Aaliyah and my family has always said since I was able to talk that you could catch me singing “Weak” by SWV or any Alicia Keys song.

How do you feel your music can truly make a difference?

Music is the universal language and has always been very therapeutic for me and has always helped me know that I’m not alone and that’s what I try to channel into my music… letting people know that they’re not alone and that they are understood.

What musicians did you look up to when you were a kid?

I’ve always loved Aaliyah… I admired how melodic her voice was and how she always kept the same soft tone. I was also obsessed with Lady Gaga. I thought she was so cool because she looked different from everything i was used to seeing.

Do you feel like musicians have a responsibility to be role models?

Yes, I do believe that we should be role models but I also believe that people need to understand that we’re also still human beings and human beings do make mistakes. Nobody’s perfect and I don’t think anyone should be held to that standard .

If you knew you were going to be stuck on a deserted island and could only bring 5 albums, what 5 albums would you bring?

The Best of Earth, Wind and Fire v.1, Aaliyah-Age Ain’t Nothing but a Number, Sunday Service Choir- Jesus is born, Alicia Keys- The Element of Freedom and Pi’erre Bournes- The Life of Pi’erre 4.

What is your dream tour? Where would you want to travel?

My dream tour is a world tour! I want to go everywhere! I want to experience other cultures and I want other cultures to be able to experience my art.

Have you been creating during quarantine? How has this time in the world affected your music?

A direct result of quarantine is my song In My Head. It’s a song that I wrote being forced to be by myself and to self reflect… along with some other unreleased songs 😉

What can fans look forward to in 2021? New music?

New music is on the way and with the world opening back up, hopefully some shows too! So be ready !

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