Who is a Self Made Diva & The Man Building an All Girls School in Africa?

Who is the Culinary Diva?

I am a world-traveled man that has a love for food, helping others, and working hard. I have a foundation called Shaping Futures Foundation, in which I am in the planning stages of building an all-girls school in Zanzibar, Tanzania. I cook almost every day and challenge myself to make new exciting things. When I go to dinner, I taste the food to capture the ingredients, textures and experience the journey the food takes me on. I speak my mind but in a very classy way, as I do not believe in being messy. My reads are sharp and precise, with a bit of advice thrown in. 

What Dish are you most known for?

I am known for a few dishes- Jerk Chicken, Brown-Stew Chicken, Lamb Bolognese, Brisket Mac n Cheese, and Miso Salmon. The word I am legendary for is my Crab Cakes.

What vision do you see for your TV Show?

I have two ideas for a cooking show. 1. I want to travel to restaurants all over the world and try the food and give honest feedback. Many people deal with insufficient food and do not say anything or patronize a restaurant for a celebrity sitting. If your food is not good, then it is not good. Beyond telling the chef that his or her food is not up to par, I would advise editing the dishes as I have a very refined palate. 2. The second idea for a show would be cooking simple dishes or making complex dishes for the everyday cook with a bit of sass. Get crazy in the kitchen and have fun with my guests on the show. Be shady with them and talk about their real experiences eating at restaurants or people’s homes in a fun way.

What was growing up like for The Diva?

Growing up was very tough. I lived in a single household of 5 siblings, my mom worked a lot, so I had to step up and cook. My mom was not much of a cook, but I think that was a blessing in disguise because it propelled me to take over the kitchen, do not get me wrong, she could make a mean sweet potato pie. I was considered a nerd in the neighborhood but popular because of my sass with people. I was not afraid to give a read when warranted. I did not reveal how tough things were, though, as I have an incredibly positive spirit and motivation for great things. I emersed myself in school and cooking, which took my mind off being poor, and set goals all the time no matter what obstacles I faced. At family gatherings, I would watch my Aunts cook, and they did not know it, but I was taking notes. When I got older and moved with my father, I watched my stepmom cook for my dad, which was at least two meals a day and different things all the time because he was not keen on leftovers.

Are you married or single?

My husband is a Personal Trainer, so he challenges me to turn comfort food into healthy great tasting dishes.

What was the most complex dish for you to learn how to prepare?

The most complicated word I had to learn how to train correctly was a Sartu Di Risso. It is not complex but has many many steps, and one misstep can ruin the dish.

Do you like cooking for large group gatherings or intimate settings?

I like doing both, pre-covid I would have larger parties at my home for 100+ people, and I would prepare all of the food. I also like intimate dinner parties where I spend the day prepping and making very complex dishes for my guests to enjoy.

Can you cook all different types of Japanese, Thai, American, German, Mexican, etc.?

Yes, I can cook any food. I have been to every continent except Antarctica, and I have either cooked while in the many places or tasted the local cuisines. In Spain, I made my first Paella; in Japan, I made Miso Marinated Scallops, for example.

What is your favorite meal to cook of the day?

My favorite meal to cook of the day is Snapper Piccata over Mushroom Rissoto, and English Peas tossed in a fresh mint butter sauce.

Where can people find out more about the culinary Diva?

People can find out more by look at my recipes on my blog www.adeliciousexperience.com, IG cordelltheculinarydiva, and my website coming soon (which I am still working on perfecting a unique web content page).

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