What Accomplishments Superstar KJ Wanted To Achieve In His Music Career

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Different artists have different goals in life with their careers. Some would strive for fame and fortune like countless others before them, while some would use their influence to raise awareness about a pressing issue or serve as a refuge to the many listeners who are looking to find a connection through music. 

For Kejuan Stradford, also known as Superstar KJ, his ultimate goal as a singer-songwriter is to create a brand that not only would make him famous but also bring an advantage to the people around him as well. 

Born and raised in Fort Lawn, South Carolina, Superstar KJ realized his calling to become a music artist during the basic training for those who want to become part of the Army National Guard. Shortly after that, he shifted his career into one that pursued music.

A Brand For The People 

One of the many goals that Superstar KJ is working towards is to create a brand that will not only bring him countless achievements, but also one that benefits the people he cares for and that of others, which is why he continues to work hard to accomplish this. 

“In the upcoming years, I want to be one of the biggest artists in the world while taking care of the ones around me,” he said. 

He added that his mentality to do better and be great, along with his innate humility, is what encourages him to make his brand successful. 

Another goal that he aims to achieve includes having the number one song on the billboard and changing the lives of his family, and others, for the better. 

What He Already Achieved 

There have been several challenges that Superstar KJ faced as he treads along the path to success. But there was a slight snag in his career as he soon found himself running out of finances to market himself. 

But being determined to achieve his goals, this obstacle didn’t stop him from pursuing what he loved to do. 

Superstar KJ then continued to work on his career and invested in himself by doing different music showcases in his area. Eventually, this helped him weather out his problem and continue to grow his career. 

One of the major successes that he celebrates today is hitting 100,000 streams on Apple Music. 

“It definitely meant a lot to me considering where I come from,” he said. 

With the right mindset and a wholesome goal, Superstar KJ is bound to achieve his goals sometime soon, making him a formidable artist that people should look out for. 

For more information, visit www.//linktr.ee/iamkj.

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