[Watch] ALI Shares “I Do The Numbers” Visual

This week multifaceted recording artist Mohamad Ali, known as “Ali,” surprised fans with the music video to his new single “I Do the Numbers” produced by Mohamed Ali. The Detroit native took on a different sound with a UK drill type flow and showed fans just how little the pandemic has slowed his progress or his numbers.

“They racked tabs on what I fronted.” says Ali.

Ali jumps right into the first verse making clear who he is in the game—hungry and about his business. The video, also directed by Mohamad Ali with edits by Potent, visualizes that same energy as the independent rapper unmasks the industry and foul dealings with celebrities that fed off his sauce (and funds) to stay relevant.

Ali takes to the second verse to rap about his origins, his grind and unwavering focus to the business, while montages of his “appetite for the finer things” continue to play out — vintage cars, a woman by his side and lighting cigars with his flame thrower torch. “I Do the Numbers” is a real testament to the young rapper’s hustle and that it doesn’t stop here.

Watch the “I Do the Numbers” music video on Youtube.

Follow Ali on Instagram.

Visit Ali’s website at www.moemusik.com.

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