Walter Weekes Is Cementing His Name in The Music Industry

HHW Staff

Establishing a name as an artist in the music industry is essential to building a music career. It can be one of the most challenging tasks for an upcoming artist, considering the heightened competition in the industry. However, the rise of technology has made it a bit easier to kick start a music career. There is a surge in the number of overnight music stars thanks to fast-changing technology and social media. Many aspiring artists are hitting the studios recording singles, releasing them to the internet with the hope of attracting millions of fans . It’s not surprising that many overnight music stars struggle to maintain their brand if they have not worked for it.  

There are artists such as Walter Weekes who have invested their time, effort, and hard work in establishing a name in the industry. Such people know the value of having a brand and working hard towards cementing their position in the industry. Weekes understands perfectly what it takes to break through in the industry. He is a self-taught music talent, having successfully overcome numerous obstacles and challenges.

Walter Weekes has been in the music industry for a couple of years now, and he is proving to be a true and amazing talent. A young multi-talented artist, Weekes doubles as a songwriter, singer, and music producer. He is widely known for his unique and rare sound, a fusion of soft rock, jazz with a hip-hop touch. Weekes fascinates many music enthusiasts with his magical renditions. He is quickly gaining traction among the industry players who are amazed by his talent.

Aged 20, Weekes lyrical prowess and music writing skills are exceptional. He is proving to be an excellent songwriter and poet composing captivating songs. Weekes has also established himself as a music producer. A master of his craft, Weekes’s music production skills have resulted in him being one of the youngest sought-after music producers in the U.S. He is a force to reckon with in the industry and is expected to gain more prominence in the near future.

The future is undoubtedly bright for Weekes, and that’s why he is tirelessly working to cement his position. Making a name is one thing, and building on it to gain more success is vitally important. He draws his inspiration from some of the notable names in the industry, such as Akon, Toni Braxton, and the legendary English group UB40.

Throughout his young career, Weekes has been operating as an independent artist. Being an independent artist gives him the freedom to dig deep into his creative self. He believes there is a lot of control exercised on an artist working under a label, which sometimes may suppress the artist’s creativity.

Part of his strategy to cement his position is working with different personalities in the industry. He can learn the industry dynamics from different perspectives whilst growing his musical knowledge. Working with different personalities also helps improve his creative skills as it opens up his thoughts.

His immediate aspirations are to establish a music record label to hone his production skills. He also intends to start producing his own music and he feels that creating his record label is the right step.

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