Virgil Abloh Launches T-Shirt For ‘Swing State’ Voter Incentive

Kiersten D.

Presidential elections are coming up and 2020 may be one of the most crucial elections in history. In efforts to help potential voters in swing states, artistic director of Louis Vuitton and executive officer of Off-White Virgil Abloh has launched a t-shirt for swing states. Abloh had a goal that he wanted to highlight and reward with an incentive for residents of all twelve swing states. These states include California, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Texas, Wisconsin, Florida, Georgia, Arizona, Colorado, Michigan, New Mexico, North Carolina & Nevada. California is notably not considered a “swing state”, but states like Georgia is possible for a sociopolitical reposition.

The t-shirts are all white and highlights the specific state in the color blue. Virgil will have the proceeds of the t-shirts go towards his “Post-Modern” Scholarship Fund. This scholarship fund aims to advance in inclusion and equity. He dose this through fashion by providing scholarships. The students have access to the scholarships if they show academic promise of Black, African-American, or African descent. Abloh had this to say about his scholarship fund.

“I’ve always been passionate about giving the next generation of students the same foundation for success that was given to me,” Abloh said at the time. “That’s why I’m excited to launch this fund in partnership with the FSF, which has an outstanding track record of helping college students achieve successful careers.”

Voting is always an important duty to fulfill as an American. It’s great that entertainers, actors/actresses and even designers are getting involved to help push and persuade people to vote and help guide the country in a better direction.

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