Vincent De Boer Creates Music While in Lockdown, Reflecting on The Past Covid-19 Year With “Famous” EP.

Vincent de Boer, a 20-year-old rapper and Hip-hop artist from Groningen, Netherlands, is quickly taking over the music scene. When the COVID-19 pandemic broke out, several countries went into lockdown mode, hard times hit, and de Boer found himself with a lot of free time on his hands.

Making music and keeping himself amused seemed to be the best option, so Vincent de Boer did just that and began working on his “Famous.” His primary purpose was to inspire others, and each track on his album has a unique meaning. 

“Famous” is de Boer’s first EP, and he does not come across as an inexperienced producer. A track like “Stars,” is an upbeat song with the piano as the dominant tone, but each note is purposefully designed to represent a wide range of human emotion. The enthusiast rapper draws inspiration from some of today’s well-known hip-hop producers, including Metro Booming, Pelgrim, and Ginseng.

Instagram: @Vincent 

Twitter: @Vincentdeboer 

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