Vanalika Shan Makes Magic With New Track ‘Midnight’

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A young artist with a big future ahead of her, Vanalika Shan has proven that she is a force to be reckoned with. Having graduated from high school in 2020, she has spent the last few months honing her craft and her latest single “Midnight” is a testament to that hard work.

Shan’s music career began at a very young age. “I started out first with singing in preschool, and that was really my first introduction to music.” She explained. “Around maybe five years ago, I started getting into songwriting and making my own music, and I’ve been doing it ever since.”

Growing up, Shan was influenced greatly by artists like Michael Jackson. Currently, she draws from musicians such as Ed Sheeran, Lorde and Khalid. “One thing I like to emphasize in my songwriting and my personal brand is being authentic and I think those artists are very representative of that. They’re the biggest influences when it comes to music.” Along with these artists, Shan draws from her experiences. She attributes major influence to come from her family moving often. “I’ve actually moved around a lot growing up. I’ve been to three different continents because of my dad’s job. Those experiences have really influenced me to be very open-minded and think of music as like a bridge rather than anything else.”

Travel has not been Shan’s only influencing experience. Her classical training has allowed her not only to advance her skills in a way that many in her genre have not, but also added a unique touch to her music. “I like to describe my sound as Indie R&B. I’ve been classically trained, so I

have classical influence but with my Pop training on top of that, it’s given a little bit more soul to my voice.”

Shan’s most recent single, “Midnight” is a magical track that tells a Cinderella Story with a twist. “Whenever you think of Cinderella, you think of a happily-ever-after, but I wanted to think about what would happen if she didn’t get her happily-ever-after. What if the clock strikes midnight and that was it? That was the end of her moment that was all the memories she got.” Shan discussed the reality of that idea through an experience that was one of the driving forces of the track. “I was interested in a person and we were both really good friends, and senior year was coming towards an end. Thinking about that made me wonder, ‘Oh is it even worth talking to this person? Would it even be worth getting into a relationship?’ Not long after, I watched the movie Cinderella and realized there were more parallels than I thought.”

Not long after this experience, Shan wrote “Midnight” in her bedroom putting it together pretty quickly. “It was one of my favorite songs that I’ve written because I poured so much of my emotions into it. I wanted to create a sort of magical feeling on the track that had an emphasis on a modern twist.” Shan explained just how important that fairytale feeling was. She described just how they made that dream come true. “We added the bass, something very simple but it still had a little bit of depth and soul to it essentially, and then we went into adding a bit more. We added like a little bit of a clock ticking out in certain parts, that was my personal favorite because it clearly shows the transition of a person, thinking ‘Oh, the clock is running out, what am I going to do?’” With all of this work and detail put in, “Midnight” proves to be a truly enchanting song.

Shan’s most recent track is undoubtedly worth the listen, but it is not the only reason to look into this talented young musician. “This might sound cheesy but my name means sunflower, so I really want to take my music and brighten the world one sunflower at a time.” Though Shan’s career is still very new, she has already begun doing great things. Her goals of expanding her following and spreading her messages seem well in reach. “Essentially, what I want to do is create a bigger reach for my music and use it as a platform where I can change people’s perspectives on what it means to be positive.”

You can check out Vanalika Shan’s music and social media via the links listed below.


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