Following up from their last album “They know what they did” rising Buffalo duo Top Grease proves they’re here to have a lasting impact on the music industry. They are back with a new 10 -track EP with a message for the haters called “I can’t Save you”. Top Grease Flee and Pedro da don didn’t come to disappoint. Blending menacing beats with party vibes and street lyricism the two are definitely applying pressure. 

“Still aint slide for ya man’s that sh*t no secret, had to cut some N*ggas off told them no leeches ” Pedro da Don . Their new visual “3 am in the Trenches” is directed by Samurai Black and the graphics and transitions are impressive . Pedro da don and Flee catch an opp in the video and handle him accordingly. “I ain’t never cross my ni**as , put that on my kid, if I go against the grain “then they know what they did” -Flee 

Although the entire EP is fire “3 am in the trenches is one of the hardest records” on the album; some other notable tracks are 52 pick up, Stronger together, and Lo Mein. Check out the video “3 am in the trenches” and the album “I can’t save you” below !

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