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Black Culture Guide aims at true inclusion in media for Black and Brown Content Creators

Black and Brown spending power is 3 trillion dollars yearly. The biggest consumer of media is The Black Cultural with the average person watching 50 hours a week of television 10 hours weekly more than any
other race. The music of the cultural moves more units than any other form of music. SO….WHY isn’t
their one black owned media conglomerate.

There are a handful of successful people in digital and Linear television. Tyler Perry Studios is doing a
amazing job creating content, Bishop Wayne T Jackson network Impact is leading in faith base. Sean
Combs Revolt is constantly moving the needle in Hip Hop. Byron Allen Media is securing distribution and
the fast growing Zeus Network is craving its spot in as a strong OTT platform but the one thing all these
great companies have in common is that their distribution all live on various platforms. Is this a bad thing?
No, not at all. Working together works. Is there a need for change? Not necessarily. There is a need for

What does delivering content to consumers look like in the next two (2) decades. It will become largely
based on digital content providers receiving your content without the cord. What do you need to
accomplish this? It is already done through 7.26 billion wireless devices worldwide. The mobile consumer
uses daily which makes Apple and Samsung the biggest content delivery devises in the world. Now AT&T,
T Mobile and Verizon are the leading service providers of these devices, so it a safe bet their futures are
secure in media.

There isn’t one (1) black owned and operated company in the tech space at this time to build
these devices and there isn’t one (1) major service provider in this multi trillion dollar a year

How do we secure the future of the Black Culture? This question has been a discussion topic now more
than ever the answer is a place where creators have a chance to work closely with people from their
culture with enough resources they should be able to produce and deliver without asking permission.
Great black content provides on millions of dollars in advertising and carriage fees to the existing
conglomerates. 50 Cents Power Universe is a blockbuster in the culture, yet there was a six month period
were the none of the series aired based on the decision of this distribution partner. They stopped giving
the consumer what they wanted.

One on the most successful entities in media still is making billions of dollars of a multi cultural creator
Desi Arnaz, which was half the brain trust with wife Lucille Ball. Together they created two of today’s most
relevant franchisees: ie. Mission Impossible with block buster superstar Tom Cruise and Star Trek along
with the Untouchables Etc.. Desi Lu sold to Gulf Westen and become the television arm for powerhouse
Paramount which is owned by Viacom. Viacom also owns Vh1 and BET. The leader in reality shows
geared towards the Black and Brown culture.

So the only way to become a guaranteed figure in Media for the “Culture” was to form a company that
focused not only on film and television but expands into a technology company. Build a focus in gaming
and social media by delivering both long and short form content. Include a true financial arm to educate
and secure the community with financial help in media to improve the spending power in the cultural 1.4
trillion dollar annual market segmentation.

The introduction to the Black Culture Guide. BLK (Black Culture Guide) is on course to launch in February
of 2023. The full launch on Juneteenth 2023. This will be the first full service content provider in all media
groups Live Sports and Musical Events , News , Fashion, Reality as well as scripted formats, Gaming and
Social. The team at BLK looks at the accomplishments of platforms like Triller which built a ton of support
from the culture. It is BLK’s plan to drive viewership, subscription accounts and revenue that commands
a multi billion dollar enterprise market cap.

Black Cultural Guide (BLK) is on its way to become a true media conglomerate for the culture with
companies like Viacom employing over 11000 people (worldwide) including talent and production.
Viacom will easily surpass that number. It is also BLK plan to bring, through inclusion, over the next 10 to
15 years, to employ more than eighty-five (85) percent Black, Brown personal and talent at BLK. This has
been done decades ago, amongst the Brown part of the community with the Telemundos and the
Aztecas. It is time for Black Culture to also have a voice.

“Through media, we support the love of all people and cultures, informing entertaining to end division, racism, and hate through love and inclusion.” BLK Culture Guide Staff.


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