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By Kim Coco

Introduce yourself to our readers! Let them know your name, where you’re from & the name of the project you’re about to drop!

What’s up! I’m Chad, joined by Domo and Knollege. We are 3 solo artists that make up The Breed Mafia an All-Star Music group and Independent label “The Breed Mafia” based out of El Cajon, CA. We are also blood brothers. We just released our album –Self Wave Sept 2, 2020 and its available everywhere now on all platforms.

Breed Mafia, You dropped Self Wave on Sept 2 and the industry is going crazy for it! Tell the readers about the vibe this album and who helped you put it together on production side?

Chad- Me and knollege is always a good pair within The Breed Mafia so we just felt like it was time to get together and give the fans something fly but also jam packed with bars, punchlines, and metaphors. The delivery we used alone is a vibe but its also the thought process of inspiring people with money to do more with their money.

Knollege- Making it I thought they would be going crazier but the blueprints just being laid down honestly feel like this is a piece of art to look back on in the future. We jus went through Domo and Boger really all we needed to get it done. It worked for my last EP “Code Red” so we jus stuck with the formula.

Domo-To me the album gives me more of a presidential vibe some kind of boss feeling similar to rick ross’ beats selection it almost feels like your walking through the gates of a mansion that’s usually somethin I see listening to his music.

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The Album:

What’s the meaning behind this album name- Self Wave?

Chad- Self Made Self Paid with our own wave plain and simple the real meaning came from a art picture me and knollege seen around 2014. I remember looking at each other and we both were thinking this gotta be a album cover but unfortunately we couldn’t use it as the cover so we had to do a few audibles

Knollege- The whole meaning behind Self Wave is to be Self Made in the best way you can which is why we wanted to call it self wave instead of self made. Being in a generation where everyone is ok with sounding like the next man we take pride in standing out With our sound, I know for a fact the wave we on now is exactly the wave the world needs and they will be following suite sooner than they know it. It’s a blessing to be an outkast that’s when you know you’re doing something right.

There are 14 tracks on this album which shows your love for the Gritty East Coast style and sound of Hip Hop Music. Tell the readers what is your favorite single off this album.

Chad- “Gametime” from the piano sample and knollege attacking the barz before the beat even comes in sets it off for me everytime. Plus it reminds me of a freestyle we did on instagram that went viral in our city it has that jadakiss and styles p back to back flow that I know a lot of hip hop heads love but isn’t easy to perfect but we really have the chemistry to pull it off

Knollege- Definitely “Get use to me” im on they heads like a ball cap on this one. Bar for bar the pen was rolling when I was writing this one, hell I even felt this track so much I had to tell CHAD put a solo of his own on the album because I’m taking this beat to the head.

You just recently released your viral music video for Suite Atlantis which is dope by the way. Tell the readers about the creative concept of that video and where did you film it?

Chad- I’ll give my brother all the credit for that one he showed me a airbnb and I remember saying that looks like it could be a place called “Suite Atlantis” and that actually generated the process of both the song and video. The creative concept was to level up from what we have been doing in the past not to say we were doing something wrong but we can always do better. So we went all out with our own money on hotels, high priced bottles, and big ZAZA pack.

Knollege- We had already the Suite planned out before even had the title for the song, as soon as we saw the location and how elegant the whole Suite was overall we wanted a title that not only stood out but matched the video and we just kept thinking Atlantis. Then I just said This is Suite Atlantis and it really had a ring to it so knowing we wanted a video for this helped the song in all. The video was shot in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Suite Atlantis Music Video

So you are members of The Legendary Breed Mafia , an All-Star Music group and Independent label in El Cajon, CA. Tell the readers about each of your roles and how they can contact you if they would like to work with you in the future.

Chad- I like to call myself the CEO jokingly but I’m best at keeping everyone together and not being afraid to take risks and spend that extra dollar on new ideas or even someone else’s plan if it comes to my attention. I’m not really the Twitter kinda guy so best way to reach me would be instagram or email

Knollege- I’m founder of TBM and have laid down an organic foundation which can be found in my catalog but the best is yet to come, and I couldn’t have done any of this without my Breed Brothers, to reach me direct I’m usually quick on replies via email and instagram @Knollege

Domo- TBM Producer and Member since we started the group, to reach me for inquiries email

This isn’t your first project! Drop the name of the other projects you have been a part of and who you’ve worked with for our readers so they can check those out and download them too!

Knollege‐ First album CODE RED out on all platforms, Double down decisions as well (tracklist from 2017 Raps) and will be dropping another album before the year ends.

CHAD – I’ve been making music since high-school at the time Datpiff was the platform to release on so most of my older work is on there but for my current music which are in album form like “Hunger Pains” and “Mind Altering Substance” are available on all streaming platforms.

OK Rapid Trivia – One word answers and no elaborating. Ready?

Sum up the Current state of Hip Hop in only 1 word.

Chad- Dead



Domo- everywhere

Who are your TOP 5 Artists of ALL Time Dead or Alive?










ANDRE 3000









If you could collaborate on a song with any artist, one dead and one alive, who do you pick?

Chad- French Montana

Knollege- The Weeknd

Domo – Michael Jackson

Name one thing that you think even with all the fame and fortune in the world that money could never buy?

Chad- Happiness

Knollege- Respect

Domo- Loyalty

Breed Mafia- Your album Self Wave is Out now on All Platforms now. What’s next for you guys? And where can our readers find you on social media? Plug yourself in so we know how to find you for features, collaborations, interviews, bookings, features and inquiries!

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