Tato Spark Shares his Project “John” with HHW

Blending the sounds of late 90’s & Early 2000’s Hip Hop and R&B with his own original sound, rapper Tato Spark was one of the core figures in the impact of Virginias “Up & Coming” rap scene. With “Last Words” being one of his earliest hits, once the single became popular amongst the “Underground” music scene. The rapper soon became one of Virginias most recognizable figures, bringing originality to international audiences with his series of singles. 

Born in Brooklyn, NY [Fort Greene], raised in Chesapeake, Virginia. Rapper Tato Spark (born Jemal Fraser) began his rap career after being inspired by artists like Big Sean & Kendrick Lamar. While tensions rose amongst his peers a confrontation caused Spark to distance himself, which brought his single “Shoulder” to life. His early material injected a Virginia-based character into the stand-alone flows and production. Which “Last Words”, “Half of It”, “Mind Games” & “Issues” were a prime example. Being some of Virginias earliest independent hits, the single(s) gathered hundreds of thousands of plays on streaming sites and made Tato Spark an important local figure. Following a break from music in early 2015, he returned with “Half of It” in January 2016, which added to the catalog of the rising “Underground Artist” after being promoted by international supporters over the years. 

As the popularity continued to grow throughout 2018-2020 & now 2021. Tato Spark remains humble & focused.

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