Taj The Elephant Takes to The Spotlight With His New Single

HHW Staff

– Taj The Elephant is an artist with a unique sound and a gift when it comes to mystifying people with his music. His latest track, “Spotlight” takes a deeper look into what it was like for him to dive into his newfound success.

Getting into music at a young age, Taj was drawn to it as early as 3rd grade. “Years ago it intrigued me. I started off playing trumpet and singing in the Glee Club in elementary school and I remember one of the first songs they wanted us to sing was one of Mariah Carey’s songs. They just wanted us to learn the words, but I wanted to know more. I was interested in the instruments and how she used dynamics and inflection. I would stay up after school replaying that song and writing down all the instruments and voice inflections and it just continued from there.”

With a sound that he defines as unique, intriguing and mysterious, Taj likes to create music that can bring something new to his audience every time they hear it. “When you go back a second time, you’re going to hear something that you didn’t hear the first time, same with the third time, the fourth time.” He draws a great deal of inspiration for these tracks from experiences in his life as well as several musicians. “Being arrested, being homeless, all of the major parts of my environment and not having a way to express myself are huge parts of my music today. I also draw a lot from soul singers from back in the day, Lil Wayne, Future and Biggie for sure.”

Taj’s latest track, “Spotlight” is a great example of both his experience and his mysterious sound. “I was looking for a hit. I actually had started working backwards with this track. I put a ton of money into a production crew and all these other pieces, but I kept pushing the filming date back. I didn’t feel I had the right song, but when I heard “Spotlight” from one of my producers, I was like okay this is it. The beat exactly reminded me of what it feels like when you become successful. You get signed, you’re on the radio or on TV, and you have this certain confidence about yourself, and with that comes the attention from women that probably wouldn’t give you a shot or look twice at you before your success. So you embrace it and you click with her.”

Despite putting the filming off for so long, it only took Taj about 20 minutes to put the song together. “Recording for me is about going off of what your soul tells you. When I hear a beat, I just go with what my soul is saying and it just comes out. I don’t write anything down. It just comes from my mind in the moment. It’s really just a connection between the heart, the soul and my pain.”

Taj’s main goal as a musician is to connect with his audience on a deep emotional level. He hopes that his music can be there through thick and thin for his fans. “People get happy and sad and stressed. They get depressed and they go through emotions in their lives. My goal is to entertain people, to the point that it doesn’t matter what they’re feeling, I can be that avenue for all of it”

Check out Taj The Elephant on social media, especially Instagram and YouTube, as well as his music via the link listed below.


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