“Steady Growth” is Both Blaq Pyrates’ Newest Single and The Perfect Descriptor for Their Recent Success

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What is currently a four person group of musicians creating music, fashion, a documentary and so much more, Blaq Pyrates has an amazing amount of talent and creativity to bring to the table. Their recent single, “Steady Growth” is the perfect tribute to their goals and recent successes.

Originally named the Trapville Pyrates – a name created to call out the societal ‘Trap’ that people can often find themselves in when they aren’t born into the most economically sound or hospitable world – this group has been working and performing, and all around building themselves up for the last several years. Due to the rise in popularity of the genre of Trap music, the group decided to move forward under a new moniker. Now going by the name Blaq Pyrates – an acronym that stands for “Brothers Linked Amongst Qualifications, Protect Your Riches Alias Through Extreme Status”- the group continues their work towards their goals of taking the world by storm.

Currently, Blaq Pyrates is made up of four members under the names of Rasta Rudd, Primo Dollars the Blaq God aka Marty MacFly, Nephew “2Cupps” Shawty and York “Dalightman” ILL. The group once had six members, having faced the death of founding member Fetty Cash aka

Zodoq Banks to an unfortunate incident of violence, and losing member Jonny Papez who decided to pursue other work. All of the members have long standing friendships and an equal interest in their music and creating a better place out of their home and history.

“Steady Growth” is the group’s latest track. It focuses on the way the group “pulled themselves up by their own bootstraps” and built the life and careers that they currently have. It is meant to empower its audience to do the same and work to get where they want to be.

While the group is focused on their art, they also take a great amount of interest in the social climate around them. “We are all about empowering our community and empowering ourselves economically, financially and to get out of what we call ‘The Trap,’” explained Blaq Pyrates member Karim Rothwell, also known as Marty MacFly in the group.

Having come from a hometown that had many issues with poverty and poor economic standing, all of the members of the group had to put in a great deal of work to get where they are today. “A lot of people are very talented academically or athletically, but due to the situation here along with extreme racism, it very easily becomes a trap.” These men were set on defying the odds and doing whatever they can to help those around them do the same.

Now a collection of very successful men, the members of Blaq Pyrates have released their own luxury fashion line under the name Zódoq Mabenki. They created their own music label, have gained the ability to hold control of almost their entire means of production – from mixing and mastering to much of their publicity – and so much more. They have teamed up with the artist Vigilany who was featured on their latest single, to create the subgroup, The Administration. The group is also currently working on filming the Blaq Pyrates documentary, which they hope to release on several yet-to-be-named streaming platforms.

Keep up with Blaq Pyrates on social media and check out their music in the links below.

https://www.instagram.com/blaqpyratesofficial/ https://www.twitter.com/BlaqPyrates https://www.facebook.com/pg/blaqpyratenation https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXlWvFnhPKYbZQXS1wBV9OQ






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