Staten Island’s DJ Nicky Rizz Teams Up With Blisstory FTW to Launch an Exclusive Collaboration for the Fall 2020 Collection

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By Kim Coco

Hey guys! Thanks for taking the time to talk with me and Hip Hop Weekly tonight! Introduce yourself to our readers! Let them know your name, where you guys are from & the name of the clothing brand you are the creators of!

Thanks for having us! We are Neil, Paul, Sal and Nick. All of us are 24 years old, except Nick who is 25. We’re from Staten Island New York. All 4 of us are the owners of the Blisstory brand which was created and established in 2015 by Neil. We all rep The Blisstory Boys.

We also have a very special guest with us tonight. Please introduce yourself to the Hip Hop Weekly reader’s and explain why you are our special guest!

I’m DJ Nicky Rizz. 24 years old from Staten Island New York. I have teamed up for an EXCLUSIVE Design Collab with my Staten Island Family- Blisstory. This limited edition collection is dropping Friday October 2, 2020. You Know the Vibes!

DJ Nicky Rizz, I saw that your song Ay Papi just went viral by the way. Congrats!

Thank you! Yeah that song went crazy

Ay Papi:

Blisstory was established in 2015. You are a group of 4 friends behind the Brand. You call yourselves the Blisstory Boys. How did you all come together?

Neil: Well, we all grew up together in Staten Island’s Oakwood section. We are friends since way back. All of us have known each other even before the creation of Blisstory.

Neil- you created Blisstory in 2015. Tell the readers what inspired you to create the brand in the first place?

Neil: Well- I started the brand when I was a freshman in college. I was in a pretty weird place in my life. I went to school but to be honest I really hated college. I just was trying to figure out what it was that I wanted to do. Find my purpose and do something I actually loved ya know? So in the process of trying to figure it all out and trying to find a way out, I thought up the idea of creating Blisstory. I took a chance and moved forward with creating it. That was the birth of Blisstory.

Where did you come up with the name Blisstory? Is there a subliminal meaning behind the brand name?

Neil: Blisstory. You know- it’s your life. Your happiness . Everything is a part of the plan. The meaning of Blisstory is really about finding bliss from all parts of your story. The past, present and future. The good the bad and the ugly are all part of the journey. Manifest your dreams. Don’t let negativity ruin you. Find your bliss!

Sal: Blisstory means the pursuit of doing what you love. All of it . Every step of it along the way. All the trials and tribulations lead you to where you are meant to be. The journey is where you find your bliss. The journey is the real gift. That’s my definition.

Paul: My definition of Blisstory to me is -the perfect state of happiness and acceptance of one’s history of fate.

Paul: Blisstory is owning your journey and your story that leads you up to the bliss. The journey which leads to your destiny and fate.

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everything will manifest cause we wrote it

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What does the FTW stands for? Blisstory FTW?

Blisstory For the World. Blisstory FTW. It’s for everyone. People from all walks of life. I mean – It’s for everyone but not for just anyone. All different races, ages , religions, all kinds of creators. The thing is that the meaning of Blisstory is for anyone.

Although Blisstory was created in Staten Island, the brand has gone GLOBAL. Blisstory customers from all over the world. Tell us about that!

We have customers in 25 other states and 8 other countries. Brazil, France, Spain, Italy, Scotland, Canada, Australia, United kingdom.

So Blisstory! Big congratulations are in order! On October 2nd 2020, Blisstory is going to launch an exclusive collaboration for the Fall 2020 Collection with Staten Island’s very own Heavy Hitter DJ- Nicky Rizz. I got a sneak peek of it and it’s dope!

Paul: We have been doing our thing with Blisstory for a while now but we knew that we wanted to take it to the next level. We all know Nicky from the neighborhood in Staten Island. But we also know him from his DJ career. When DJ Nicky Rizz headlines at these Major NYC and NJ Nightclubs, he always brings out a huge crowd and following. We have seen him DJing over the years countless times and really felt that he was the perfect fit to do the collaboration with for the brand. It’s like an arts meets music meets fashion type thing. We are all from the same part of Staten Island, all the same age and all both started from the same place and we knew that we wanted to put on for Staten Island. That’s one of the main reasons we wanted to include him in this design collaboration. We really wanted to put Staten Island on the map so that’s what we plan to do on Oct 2.

DJ Nicky Rizz, tell the readers what we can expect from the exclusive collaboration when it launches on October 2nd

DJ Nicky Rizz: The exclusive collection is a combination of both brands. The Blisstory and The DJ Nicky Rizz brands. The logo for this collection is “You Know the Vibes”. We are launching a special limited edition tee shirt that will have that logo on it. Just like Neil said this collection is really a collaboration of art meets fashion meets music. We just completed the photoshoot for this one. Wait till you see it. It’s dope. Really fire. Hopefully with the success of it we will launch another in the future.

Shop the Collection:

What’s in the current Blisstory collection guys?

Neil: We just finished up the spring/ summer collection. We have a lot of high end street wear. Basketball shorts, tee shirts, hoodies, custom jackets, hats, bags, custom sneakers. We have crop tops, joggers. We even have umbrellas, tote bags and now face mask. We are gearing up for this collab and then 2 weeks later we will launch the fall 2020 collection with a lot of special things. We will make an official announcement on our Instagram when that officially launches.

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So Blisstory Boys, DJ Nicky Rizz is the first official influencer to rep the Blisstory brand. Are you guys going to be looking for more influencers in the future? If so, what kind and can you tell the readers how they can submit to be considered?

Yeah DJ Nicky Rizz is the first official influencer to rep Blisstory. We are growing fast and most definitely are going to be looking for different kinds of people to rep us. The most important thing that we look for is someone who believes in the same mission as we do. Find your Bliss. As far as looks and what kind we are opening to any style and look. We love “different”. Outside the box and original . Tattoo artists, musicians, artists, skaters, chefs, DJs, comedians, models. Creators . The readers can send a submission to be considered to our email.

Email Submission:

We will see you guys on the runway for Fashion week one day?

Absolutely! When the world opens back up you’ll be seeing Blisstory on the Fashion Week runways.

Ok – Rapid Trivia. One word answers. No elaborating. You guys ready?

Name one female & one male artist in the industry that you would love to dress? Neil: Emily Ratajkowski / A$AP Rocky

Paul: Danny Leigh/ Lil Baby!

Sal: Pharrell Williams/ Erica Badu

DJ Nicky Rizz: 50 Cent/ YOU! Kim Coco from Hip Hop Weekly (Laughs)

Who do you think is the best dressed artist out now?

Neil: A$AP Rocky

Paul: Fabolous

Sal: Future

DJ Nicky Rizz: A Boogie!

Sum up the current state of Hip Hop in only 1 word!


Neil: Definitely a rollercoaster

Sal and Paul- Rollercoaster is it

Sum up the current state of Fashion in only 1 word!

Neil- Even MORE Rollercoaster (Laughs). Wait till OCT 2nd though

Who are your favorite Designers?

DJ Nicky Rizz: Off White Sal: Polo – that’s our roots.

Neil: If it ain’t Blisstory its Polo!

Paul- Polo is like our roots. So yeah, it’s Polo

Blisstory! October 2nd 2020!The official Debut of the Collaboration with DJ Nicky Rizz.

Where can our readers find you on social media? Plug yourself in so we know how to find you for more interviews, business inquiries, bookings, collaborations, submissions and all things Blisstory !

Our Message:

“Blisstory is about finding bliss. From all parts of your story. The past, present, and future. Manifest your dreams. Don’t let negativity ruin you. FOR THE WORLD.


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The World is Ours 🤝

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cut and sew 🌍 shout out uncle snoop

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new bliss out now 📈

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