Solja Da Money Man Run Up The Bag At Platinum Camp Records

Sunshine State sensation Solja Da Money Man sizzles with a hot new solo single “Run Up the Bag” states in no uncertain terms that this guy means business, while he was recently quoted at cultural news site American Culture Reporter humbly yet optimistically stating, “The future still holds a lot more with an upcoming new album with rap game vet Cassidy. Solja packs a powerhouse punch under the established umbrella of new-to-him music label Platinum Camp Records.

The dynamo CEO of Platinum Camp Records, Daddy BIGG$, recently said he signed the emerging Pensacola-based talent because his sound imbued a Deep South realness, and that he was “looking to establish a Platinum Camp South.” The mogul himself has joined too many to name here in a Hip-Hop migration from NYC to ATL.

Solja Da Money Man has had over a million listens on Spotify of previous album “Blinded by Pain” so far, with 500,000+ views of his dramatic music videos on YouTube. This Solja of the streets appears destined for much greater glories, with his 2021 record drop already generating major music industry insider buzz.

As the pandemic finally begins to subside, a major 2021 tour could also become a reality rather quickly. Solja said, “I’m grinding hard in Florida. Getting money and ready for everything to open back up all the way in America. Love to get back out on the road doing full house shows as soon as possible.”

Born poor in rural Alabama before moving to inner-city Pensacola as a boy, Solja first began rapping in 7th grade. His mother had to work two jobs to provide for the family. He got into street activity but left the streets to work in the hardscrabble oil industry, where his “rap game was funded by sweat and hard work.”

“Run Up the Bag” will be available on all streaming and digital platforms set to release Friday April 23, 2021.

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