Snakes, Flames in New Video from Realxman will Keep you ‘Mesmerized’

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If the snakes and flames don’t get you, Realxman’s edgy tones, flashy hair and unique combination of eastern and western musical culture will in the Greensboro artist’s latest release, “Mesmerized,” available on YouTube and other platforms now. Realxman says “Mesmerized” is inspired by the Bollywood culture of India, but was shot on the shadows of Hollywood in Los Angeles.
“As an artist, I like to blend genres and make them my own in a different way,” X said. “I like to switch things up and Bollywood was always on my mind to try. So I finally got around to doing it and I’m glad I
did, it came out amazing.”
Realxman loves taking an active role in the creation of his music videos in ways beyond the music itself.
In the case of the “Mesmerized” video, Realxman found himself in a weird situation, a continent away
from home but unprepared for the opportunity that came up unexpectedly to produce his video in the
entertainment capital of the world.
“As an artist one of my favorite things to do is plan out the direction of the music video,” Realxman said.
“So that was a weird situation because I wasn’t supposed to do the ‘Mesmerized’ video. But I was in LA
and a friend asked me if I wanted to make video content. I said, no, if I’m going to pay for a videographer
I’m going to shoot a whole video because I have lots of songs that need music videos so if I’m going to go
that far, I might as well get it done properly, “ he explained. “While researching I found a place that
happened to look like the artwork created for the single. To me that was confirmation that it was all
meant to be. So I found a snake-handler and brought it all together. But seeing as though this was
unplanned I had none of my stuff with me to shoot a proper music video. So I had to create everything
myself. I sat down and made the hair which took hours and hours and hours. I even made the outfits.
Usually I have something to work with but I literally had nothing, with a turnaround time being little to
none. I had just under 3 days create everything, find supplies, people and get a venue lined up. Luckily
everybody jumped on board and together we made it happen.”
Realxman said the message behind “Mesmerized” is understanding the power you have.
“I think music has the power to move the crowd. So it’s about using that power and your greatness to
make an impact on the club,” he said. “By using the beat, rhythm and phrases like we’ve got you in a
trance, my focus was getting the party started and making the energy come to life”
“Mesmerized” along with other Realxman tracks will be featured on his upcoming tour with Lardi B. In
other exciting news, watch for X as he partakes in a virtual influencer competition to benefit charities
raising awareness of mental health coming up at the beginning of March. Realxman said links will soon
be available on his Instagram page informing listeners on how to vote for him in this contest. In the
meantime, make sure to stay connected to Realxman on all platforms for new music, videos, and social

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