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Interview By : KimCoco

Introduce yourself to our readers. Let them know your name, where you’re from and project that you’ve dropped.

My name is Mark MK. Singer, Song Writer, performer, live cast host from Suffolk Long Island, New York. The project that I released is called- Don’t Feel Lost and I dropped it in May for Mental Health Awareness month. Stay tuned though because I’ll be following it up with a video what features Grammy Award Winner Sean Paul this summer.

So Mark MK, tell us, the readers, when was the first time you ever picked up a pen and paper to write & create music ? And did something, someone or some type of event in your life inspire you to begin writing in the first place?

Oh wow. That’s a Great question. Well my music career started as a DJ. I use to be a DJ spinning records and I enjoyed doing that but as time went on I realized I didn’t want to be the person just playing the records. Instead, I wanted to be the artist on the records. So I did. From there I just started creating melodies on my own. Then I began writing to those melodies. But the first time I even picked up a pen was when I was doing jingles for the Hot 97 morning show- with Sway in the morning as well as DJ Wonder. Yeah- it was with the Hot 97 morning show. DJ wonder was the one who gave me the opportunity to Jingles with them at Hot. Big Shout-out to both of them! I owe a lot to DJ wonder actually because he gave me that opportunity and what’s crazy is doing jingles for the morning show meant millions of people in the morning had heard me.

Mark MK, not only have you been writing and making music for well over 10 years, but You have even have had your music placed in some major motion pictures. You’ve performed tons of concerts, have written countless songs for major brands and artists. You also have a pretty impressive list of musical collaborations with big name artists that reflect how versatile you can be. Mark MK is- a little hip hop, a little soul, a little funk, a little R&B, a little dance, a little Caribbean, even a little pop! Tell the readers, which artists you have collaborated with on songs, shows & what films your music has been placed in. Give us the goods Mark MK!

I like the fact that you brought up the different genres because I am pretty versatile and I try not to box myself into one space. Music is always evolving and so am I. I especially love the fact that you brought up the Caribbean vibe because my family is actually from the Caribbean. One artist I had the privilege of working with from the Caribbean is Shaggy on a song called Deyah. I worked with Jada Kiss on a song called Only Other One, a song with Jim Jones before . I did a feature with Papoose on a song called White and Brown which Papoose wound up putting that song on his Mix Tape called King of New York. I’ve done shows with John Legend, opened for Remy Ma before, Flo- Rida. I’ve also had my music placed in a Universal Picture called Turn the Lights Out starring Christina Milan- Fight to the Finish. I’ve done a ton of independent films and Sit- Com. Actually – Lil Mama put out a song a few years ago featuring Snoop Dog called ‘NY NY LA LA’. I actually sing the hook on that song

SO Big Congratulations are in order!!! You were picked by BET to do a segment feature called BET AWARDS 2020 FAN FAVORITE MOMENTS. BET reached out to you because you attended the 2011 BET awards show and they wanted you to recall your most memorable moment from that show – which you did. The segment aired the night of the BET awards and it was amazing by the way!!!! Tell the readers who may have missed it – what your most memorable moment was of the BET awards show and a little about attending in 2011.

Attending in 2011 was super crazy and exciting. BET did reach out to me and asked if I would film a clip talking about my experience from attending. For me though – my most memorable moment was of course the performance by Busta Rhymes and Chris Brown. The name of the song they performed was LOOK AT ME NOW and I have to say Busta Rhymes and Chris went CRAZY. They stole the show. Busta went WILD and shut the entire show down. I remember walking the red carpet and it was kind of surreal walking the carpet with the major artists that I have either wanted to work with or aspire to work with. I remember seeing Rick Ross, 2 Short on the Red Carpet and countless others from the industry. Actually, that night when I went through security- some woman stopped me and says “Hey nice chain you got on” and so when I turned around to say thank you, I look back and it was Taraji Henson who played Cookie on Empire…. She complimented my chain and it was sort of my pinch me moment. It whole night was magical.

Your new single Don’t Feel Lost was released in May during Mental Health Awareness Month . Its become a massive Sensation. It’s a very emotional song. Now you know I am a lyric lover so I dove right into the lyrics. In the record you say: “When you can’t find no way out, walls closing in all about, just when you think no one’s around, I’ll be there”. There is a deep message of mental health support in that record. Tell the readers, did you write that sing for someone or something because it seems not only very emotional but maybe even personal.

Wow Great Question. When I wrote that song I was thinking about the people affected by mental health during the pandemic especially the people experiencing depression, anxiety, loneliness, thoughts of suicide. I wrote it for the people hoping it would be therapeutic for them but what I didn’t release was that it would actually be therapeutic for me too. So I say that to say this: Sometimes in life we may experience something that causes us trauma and may put us mentally in a dark or hard place. When I play that song for myself – it helps remind me that I will be ok. WE will be ok!

Wow, kind of perfect timing. I feel like I needed to hear that exact message right now Mark. Perfect timing.

Sometimes I feel lost myself and I need to search deep within to find the strength to open up or confide in someone I trust. A lot of times in minority communities there is a stigma that needing help is a weakness. A lot of people suffer from PTSD but don’t talk about it. They feel weak or are told they are weak if they seek out help. I think we need to change that stigma. Come to think of it, mental health is not only swept under the rug in the minority communities with men but I think it’s true with men- males in general. We as men are taught at an early age to be macho, strong, save face. But with this song- I hope that I send out the message that you aren’t alone so people, men especially can feel safe and can begin to heal. There is this great organization called SoundMindLife.Org and I teamed up with them. They focus on helping mental health issues with Music. Part of the proceeds from that song with got to that organization.

When can we expect the full video to be out for “Don’t Feel Lost” and what can we expect from it?

The full video will be out before the end of summer. Just in the next coming weeks. Although I sing that entire song, for the video I collaborated with Grammy Award winning singer Sean Paul. He is featured in that video. Sean Paul was actually in Jamaica during the whole pandemic so when we filmed the music video he shot it from there. The video features people from all walks of life during the lockdown like frontline workers, families, kids, regular people that had filmed themselves during this whole pandemic and they sent that footage over which is also included in the video. The whole video- including the message behind it is really dope and all really comes together once you see video. And like I mentioned earlier part of the proceeds from that song with go to We are also working on a Virtual Concert series this summer! Stay tuned because I’ll be making an announcement when that full video will drop!

You are heavily involved in giving back. You have the single “Don’t Feel Lost” which touches on Mental health stigma, you work with the organization, the, and you’re even teaming up with your local TGI-Fridays in Central Islip for this new movement called – Free on Friday’s Campaign. You’re more than just a singer. You’re very much a humanitarian in every sense of the word. Tell us what organizations you are involved in and also about the Free on Fridays Campaign.

Wow that’s the first time that anyone has ever called me that- a Humanitarian. Wow! Thank you.

Free on Fridays Campaign was created because I was seeing that during the Corona Virus pandemic food pantries were running out of food. The lines for food and groceries were wrapped around the block at times. So I reached out to TGIFriday in Central Islip Long Island and we teamed up to feed the people of my hometown. People will be able to call in to the local radio station- Party 105.3 when they hear the single Don’t Feel Lost played for a chance to win dinner from themselves or their families. It’s presented by TGIFriday and Mark MK. The plan is to take it national. I’ll announce the exact date but it should be the week of July 6th that we will begin the campaign but the plan is to take it national and feed as many people and their families as we can. Also the readers can expect a lot of surprise guests and live broadcasts from the location for this Free on Friday campaign. Stay tuned.

You have this amazing live cast called Singin’ in the News with Mark MK 6pm EST on your Instagram every Sunday. Tell us a little more about that.

Well I’ve had Patricia Robinson who is the Operations manager from Hot 97, Flo-Ridas DJ, I’m even having you Kim Coco! You’re an insider to the business part of the music industry. We are excited for you by the way! The Live Cast is really meant to give the viewers a peek inside the business end of the things. Singin’ in the News is really fun but I’m trying to give a platform to insiders so that they can educate the artists that want to be more than just a singer or musician. I am trying to help build and educate the entrepreneur.

Who are your TOP 5 Artists of ALL Time- dead or Alive?

1. Definitely gotta go with the homie Jadakiss

2. Jay-Z because he is the mogul of hip hop an di consider myself one in the making

3. Stevie Wonder because he is just the original voice

4. This may throw you off but Michael McDonald!

5. Alicia Keys gotta get the last spot

Wow that was hard Coco!

If you were given the opportunity to collaborate on one song with any artist, dead or alive who would it be?

Wow just one song. Absolutely I have to go with Bob Marley!

Describe Mark MK as an artist in just 3 words.

Wow just 3 words. Ok. I’m gonna go with:

1. Humanitarian

2. Mogul

3. Poet/Artist

Tell our readers 3 fun facts about you that we would never know otherwise.

1. Actually I was a brown belt in Karate.

Wow that’s way better than I did Mark!

Mark: Oh really? Why? What color belt did you get to?

None. I never tried karate! But I would have never guessed that about you! LOL! Great Fact

2. I’m a twin. My Fraternal brother is older by 5 minutes. His name is Constantine XL

3. I modeled in Black Woman Magazine. Actually it was underwear that I modeled!

Do you remember where you were and what you were doing when you first heard your music played on the radio? Take us back to that moment?

WOW I LOVE THAT QUESTION! I definitely remember that exact moment. I was home. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to forget it. It was DJ Envy who first played my record. It was when he was working at Hot 97. DJ Envy played my record Girl I Gotta Go. I swear when I heard it live on the radio that day I told myself in that moment I’m quitting my job.

There are rumors that you are putting out a new project before the end of the year called World for Tomorrow. Are the rumors true? What other projects are in the works for you Mark MK?

It’s true. I am putting the project out World for Tomorrow. It’s a versatile album. It’s gonna make people laugh, dance, maybe even a few tears but it’s a good mix up that album. I’m Teaming up with Brian Rosenberg from Live Nation and teaming up with him for some Virtual Concerts with DJ Theo. Im working on Shooting a Pilot for Singin the News and some amazing guests lined up for that show. I have my Free on Fridays Campaign rolling out as well as I’m also working with SmashCoast Music. They have been successfully getting my music placed in TV & Films and sitcoms. And of course the Music Video for Don’t Feel Lost!

Where can our readers find you on social media. Plug yourself in so we know how to find you for features, collaborations and all things Official Mark MK.

Instagram: @OfficialMarkMK

Twitter: @OfficialMarkMK

Facebook: Mark MK


New Single: Don’t Feel Lost

AVAILABLE NOW for download on the following platforms

Official Music Platforms – Soundcloud/Amazon Music/ Itunes/ Spotify/ Apple Music/ YouTube Music/ iheartRadio/ Deezer PlayMusic- @MarkMK Music Video Trailor: Mark MK – Don’t Feel Lost Starring Sean Paul

Can’t Wrong My Rights Music Video:

AVAILABLE NOW for download on the following platforms

Official Music Platforms – Soundcloud/Amazon Music/ Itunes/ Spotify/ Apple Music/ YouTube Music/ iheartRadio/ Deezer PlayMusic- @MarkMK


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