Sina Athari; The Man Behind The Be Someone HoUSton Population Projects

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Sina Athari

Even though Houston has a rich music culture and history, it seems as if H-Town slowed down on turning up the music scene after the falling of the late D.J Screw.

D.J Screw not only provided the sound for the local rappers in the city of syrup, but he also provided a togetherness that we needed to launch to the next level. 

Since then, the city’s sound has drastically evolved, but Houston lacked the unity that the music industry once had. In 2005, the Swisha House movement led by Micheal 5000 Watts rekindled the unification torch by popping off artists such as Slim Thug, Paul Wall, Mike Jones, and more. 

Now, there is a man in Houston who’s making it his job to bring the city back to its prominence. His name is Sina Athari. 

Sina Athari, from the Central area of Houston, is a man with an enormous plan. He has the vision to provide a platform for all the deserving Houston artists to be heard by the masses. He does so with his Be Someone installment mixtapes. 

Presented by his homegrown record label, Black Diamond Entertainment, Athari took two of his artists, DeeBaby and D. Flowers, and surrounded them with a ton of Houston hot spitters in hopes of showcasing not only the talent of his artists but the talent of all over the city. 

“I’m in it for the bigger picture, the long run,” said Athari. “The unity, everybody succeeding. I want to have one prominent individual who can stand next to an individual as prominent as them and be able to succeed with them. Two bags are bigger than one.”

This vision is clear, and so is the blueprint. Athari called it the Be Someone HoUSton Population mixtape.

 The success of the first installment, Be Someone, HoUSton Population, which dropped in May of 2021, had only 14 songs on there. It might have seemed light but it was heavy though. Popular Houston acts such as Propain, Yung Al, Laray Da Savage, Lil Jairmy, OTB Fastlane, Dj. X.O, Guapo, Peso Peso, OMB Bloodbath, and more all appeared on the project. 

“The Yung Al’s, the OTB Fastlane’s, there are markets for those types of music,” Athari said. “Those are very prominent individuals in the music industry, they just have not peaked on a national platform yet. There are a lot of artists in the city that don’t have the national platform recognition that they should have. The goal is to create unity, and a platform to get the recognition that everybody deserves.”

He continued to speak highly of the talents the new Houston has been producing. 

“It’s evolutionary,” Athari stated. “Everything that those artists had in 2005, the Lil Ke Ke’s, the Mike Jones’, the Slim Thugs, this generation has what they have times 10.”

He even made an NBA reference to the music madness. 

He said, “It’s like comparing LeBron James to his son Bronny and Bryce. Of course, LeBron is better, but since they have more access and more training than LeBron had, they both could potentially be better. That’s what I feel like this new generation could do. They have way more tools to their disposal to utilize more so than any artist did 15-20 years ago.”

You can hear what Athari is speaking of when you listen to track 4 and track 7.

Track 4 is the “Mannnn Freestyle” featuring Yung Al, OTB Fastlane, DeeBaby, D Flowers, and Guapo. And track 7 is the “Throwed Off (Get Throwed Tribute)” featuring OTB Fastlane, DeeBaby, D Flowers, Laray Da Savage, Yung Al, and Lil Jarimy. Two songs that embody the traditional Houston culture and sound, yet also display the nuances of the new generation. These two tracks express new tracks of nostalgia. 

Also the Black Diamond signee, DeeBaby emerged as one of the top artists on the mixtape, and DeeBaby knew all along this would happen. 

Be Someone didn’t do anything for DeeBaby,” Athari said. All I did was establish him among the city’s best. We put him on the project and from there the talent separated itself. That’s all it did.”

The Be Someone, HoUSton Population Deluxe Edition. Is bigger and better. It has a total of 31 tracks and introduces an influx of new talent. The deluxe version includes bigger names like Z-Ro, Slim Thug, Dj Chose, Sauce Walka, Stunna Bam, Lebra Jolie, Monaleo, Maxo Kreme, and more.

“The first one got the regional recognition, but the one we just released got the national recognition we were looking for.”

The 1.5 version still stars Black Dimond’s DeeBaby and D Flowers, but it also brings in a new addition to the team, YB Puerto Rico. From the Northside area of H-Town, YB gained a ton of buzz from his single “No Support,” ironically since then, he has been getting a ton. 

Athari, the founder of Black Diamond Entertainment, and the executive producer of the Be Someone, HoUSton Population installments does plan on annually releasing the project. He said the next one, won’t have that many artists, but the artists that will be on there will definitely impact the project. 

“On the next one, we’re going to narrow down the list for sure,” he said. “I’m going to wait until my artists are in a little bit more excelled position before I drop the Be Someone 2. It would only make sense to put artists whose consistency, statistics, and analytics separate themselves from the others. That’s why I am going to wait at least a year to drop the second one because I know for a fact that my 3 artists will be in a more excelled position at that point in time. So if you want to be on the tape, you better keep up”, Athari stated. “But the goal is to have my core and a few significant artists at the top. It will all play itself out.”

We can most likely expect the next Be Someone, HoUSton Population around 2023 of next May, until then jam the two versions below. 

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