Shah33d Attacks The Dark Cloud Of Social Media On “Disconnected”

Detroit rapper Shah33d unpacks the negative side of social media on his song “Disconnected”. The track lasts just under 3 minutes in run time, and almost acts as a PSA.

On “Disconnected”, Shah33d gives us enlightening bars, warning us about the effects of social media on our mental health and ability to interact with other humans face to face. The rapper ties in personal experiences like hanging out with his friends and explains his frustration that everyone is just on their phones when they could be talking to each other. The song starts off with a voice message and then quickly transitions into bars after the beep.

The song is a good reminder to unplug our electronic devices, and focus more on the in-person interactions we have every day.

While the Detroit based MC has yet to release any new music so far, this year. The lapse in time brings hope to new material coming soon.

You can listen to Shah33d here:

You can follow Shah33d here:

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