SClass, A Trio From Buffalo’s Legendary Brick Boys Discussed Their Debut Album “Laser Keys” & More

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By Kim Coco

Introduce yourself to our readers! Let them know your name, where you’re from & the name of the project you’re about to drop!

What’s up Hip Hop Weekly Magazine! I’m Speedie Da Icon, joined here by Stretch Dot Com and Shaft Rock. We are the 3 solo artists that make up S-Class which is a culmination of Buffalo’s Brick Boys. We are also The Brick Boys of Flying Bricks Upstate Entertainment. We just released our first project – our Debut Album, “Laser Keys” on August 21. The first single to drop off that album is called “Laser Keys”. And it’s available everywhere on all platforms so make sure you go check that out!

So SCLASS! BIG Congratulations are in Order! “Laser Keys” – is your first Collaborative Album that just dropped on August 21st and has already been creating a major Buzz! Tell the readers what creative role each of you played in making this album?

SDOT – Each of us raps on this album. We all have contributed to what we have become as a group and creating this album. Speedie Da Icon had a vision and we all had like- minded goals and he keeps in tune to what has become our version of this vision of “La Cosa Nostra” . Not that we are the mafia or anything but this here, this thing of ours , because we have our own sound and have created our own lane. You know, just like every army has a general and every family has a boss, well the credit for getting this project off the ground goes to Speedie Da Icon.

Speedie– All three of us are featured artists on this album. Three different artists with different sounds yet we collectively created something new and fresh. When the readers and fans hear this project, they will see what we are really capable of. Shaft Rock also shares production credits on this project. I myself did all the engineering, mixing, and mastering. Shaft also does a lot of the admin work, which we all have a hand in helping him with as well but for the most part he handles that. I guess you can say that we all have contributed a little bit of everything because each one of us keeps the ship running. The reason we are able to do what we do is because each of us has had a hand in everything.

Shaft Rock- I myself am very picky when it comes to lending my vocals over someone else’s beat. But Stretch has a great ear for picking a beat and setting the tone and vibe when creating the records. He has a great ear for picking a feeling for a song. He has a great ear for beats and that is what really kept me interested. I myself produced two songs. We all just connect and had the same vision creatively as a team. The formula is very easy!

So – There are 14 tracks on this album. Laser Keys really shows how versatile SClass is. Can each of you tell the readers which record is your favorite off this album and why?

Speedie- Honestly, I feel the whole album is DOPE! Every record is fire and tells a story! But for the sake of this question, I would have to say 30K on the Dash is my favorite record. Believe it or not- I actually wasn’t really feeling the beat off the rip. So, I was resisting the boys on that joint. Then OG L Billz was in the studio with me one day and he pressed me about it. He basically was telling me to get my ass in gear and out of that. So that why I dedicated that verse to him.

SDOT- My favorite song is “NEW CAR SCENT”. I think it was the first one we recorded. No it was the second but we came up with everything in the studio on the spot and it was just a fun song to create together from start to finish. We were throwing ideas around in the studio and if you listen to it you can hear the vibe. This record is us just really vibing out in the moment and creating it. To me, New Car Scent set the mood and tone for the rest of the album. Every song sounds exactly how I envisioned it would in my head. The final version of the album, when we listened to it- it was exactly our vision and what we had in mind. But just wait for album 2. I promise it will be next level.

Shaft- To tell you the truth – I can’t even pick a favorite. I don’t have one because I love every track off this album. I loved making every song with these brothers! It was therapy for me!

So Guys- you are all members of The Legendary Brick Boys who have been turning up the pressure in Buffalo and making a LOT OF NOISE! In 5 words or less describe to the readers the Culture of the Brick Boys?

SDOT – Wow great Question. We the Brick Boys are Strong. Driven. Focused. Hungry and Confident

Speedie – The Brick Boys are : Family. Determined. Versatile. Dangerous. Ready!

Shaft Rock – The Brick Boys are a Unit. Family. We are trend setters. We GRIND. We’re spitters and we are REAL Hip Hop.

What can we expect from this Album? Who else is featured on Laser Keys with SClass and which tracks can we look out for?!

Speedie – We have Autonomous ft. KevMac, SClass, Speedie Da Icon, StretchDotCom & Shaft Rock. Comedian Jermaine Sneed Dealer Skit Pt. 1 ft Jermaine Sneed, SClass, Speedie Da Icon, StretchDotCom & Shaft Rock. Laser Keys with features by KevMac, SClass, Speedie Da Icon, StretchDotCom & Shaft Rock. 2 Miles Per Hour ft SClass, Speedie Da Icon, StretchDotCom & Shaft Rock. Stretch – OG L Bills Skit SClass, Speedie Da Icon, StretchDotCom & Shaft Rock. 30k on the Dash ft SClass, Speedie Da Icon, StretchDotCom & Shaft Rock. Horsepower ft SClass, Speedie Da Icon, StretchDotCom & Shaft Rock. Comedian Jermaine Sneed Dealer Skit Pt. 2 Jermaine Sneed, SClass, Speedie Da Icon, StretchDotCom & Shaft Rock. Wood Grain ft SClass, Speedie Da Icon, StretchDotCom & Shaft Rock. Shaft Rock – New Car Scent SClass, Speedie Da Icon, StretchDotCom & Shaft Rock. Space Navigation ft Tone Spliff, SClass, Speedie Da Icon, StretchDotCom & Shaft Rock. Red Trim Genecist, SClass, Speedie Da Icon, StretchDotCom & Shaft Rock. Safety Constraints SClass, Speedie Da Icon, StretchDotCom & Shaft Rock. Smoke Tint SpiderDaGod, SClass, Speedie Da Icon, StretchDotCom & Shaft Rock

Laser Keys isn’t your first project and you’ve worked with some Legends in the game! Drop the name of the other projects you have been a part of and who you’ve worked with for our readers so they can check those out and download them too!

Speedie- I have a project that dropped in 2017 called Just Speed and have worked with Struggle Mike and have done features with names like Tsu Surf, RJ Payne, Love Boat Luciano, Benny the Butcher, 80 Empire Balistic Man, and Rich Celeb.

Stretch- I just dropped a project called Everybody Dies But Not Everybody Lives.

Shaft Rock- My most recent features are with Rick Hyde and Boons 153rd and I’m currently crafting up my highly anticipated first solo project.

Speedie – We were on Struggle Mike Mix tapes. The Great Escape, Da Wall, and Nxt Up. We share over 100k plays on Spotify. Our Cali Dreamin video is at 18k+ views on Youtube.

OK SClass- Rapid Trivia – One word answers and no elaborating. Ready?

Sum up the Current state of Hip Hop in only 1 word.

SDOT- Budding

Speedie- Returning

Shaft Rock – Changing

Who are your TOP 5 Artists of ALL Time Dead or Alive?

SDOT- 2pac, Biggie, Jay-Z, Nas, AZ

Speedie- I have many favorites at any given time when this question is answered they can be different but I just say the first that come to mind. So here they are.




Big Daddy Kane

And I will always say Redman he’s my favorite rapper of all time.

Honorable mention Prodigy of Mobb Deep

Shaft Rock – My top 5! – Biggie, KRS One. NAS. GRAND PUBA

SClass- Your Album Laser Keys Released on 8/21. Where can our readers find you on social media? Plug yourself in so we know how to find you for features, collaborations, interviews and all things SClass!


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New Album –LASER KEYS Available Now for download on the following platforms!

Official Music Platforms – SoundCloud /TIDAL/ GooglePlay/ Amazon Music/ Itunes/ Spotify/ Apple Music/ YouTube Music/ iheartRadio/Shazam/TikTok/ Deezer PlayMusic

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