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Introduce yourself to our readers. Let them know your name, where you’re from and the project your about to drop.

What’s going on…. My name is Pounds but most people just call me 448 and so Im just running with that now. I’m from Rochester New York. The project I’m about to drop is called “There is No Mafia” as well as documentary to come with it. Both will be release End of June , first week of July .

Where did the name Pounds 448 come from?

Umm, well, everyone just calls me Pounds because I’m a big dude and um, I kinda just got the name because of the street life. It was kinda like a double meaning if you know what I mean. Actually ,as a kid though they use to call me Chunk. You know Chunk from the Goonies? If you hear someone calling me Chunk, then you know that they know me for a real long time. They started calling me Pounds though when I was around 19, 20 years old.

So you just got back from LA and wrapped up filming your upcoming documentary which is actually a film that goes behind the scenes of the creation of your project “There is No Mafia”. Now- I know you honor the code of silence, so without giving too much away tells the readers what we can expect from this project? Will you be dropping both projects at once?

Yes. We’re going to be dropping the album first digitally, ya know and at the same time we release the documentary. The documentary is really just about me going to places that I’ve never gone to before. I’m not the type to really talk about my childhood or my life growing up. I let my music do that for me. I have a lot of interviews with people, I visit certain places and revisit things that will all make sense about how I got to where I am today. I talk about my upbringing, my intro to hip hop. It’s kind of a film that like, goes all the way back to the beginning from my childhood and will explain how I got to where I am at now. I did a lot of cooking actually in the film. I’m big into cooking, ya know the bud too is a big part of who I am. Its more of a visual autobiography than anything.

So your lyrics always feel like you’re referencing the Old School Italian Commandments which is basically the Mafia Code of Behavior. You don’t write many love songs but you do bring your culture into your music. How does your culture play into your style of writing and making music?

Haha… Well um, I definitely tie the 2 cultures together because like I said , Ya know, 95 percent of the stuff I’m spitting is things I’ve lived or am living on a daily basis. My music is like a documentary. It’s my journal like I said. I’m writing my life and the people around me’s life and what they are going through. I’m speaking for the ones who have no voice. I feel like, I need to be the voice for the underdog too ya know? People be like “Damn Pounds ya know, you really grinding on that shit so effortlessly” But the truth is, it’s very easy for me for write my experiences like the group home and stuff. I mean yeah I have hardcore stuff and I don’t write love songs but I have some joints that are deep because I have actually experienced them. But who the hell wants to be sad all the time anyway. Just the city I’m from isn’t very supportive and they don’t want to see you make it. I’m not trying to give too much away but what I’m really doing is giving a voice to the these kids who think they can’t make it. So yeah, I’ll always be that artist that gives the voice to the underdog who feels that they cannot rise up. The documentary is going to explain all that,n Man – I think that documentary, there may be some tear jerkers in there. I’m not gonna lie. It was therapeutic in a way for me. I don’t get too personal with my shit. I use my music to give you a snapshot into my life but I also keep that barrier. I only let you know what I want you to know with my music but the documentary, I feel like, I let that wall down.

You have a record out with almost all of the guys with Griselda. How did you connect with them because you guys are actually cool beyond the music. Like you have a genuine relationship with them?

Oh yeah. I fucked with Griselda long before their shit got to where they are today. Those are my guys. I was around since the beginning even before they started popping off . Man- then they took off and opened the door for guys in the industry like me. It’s crazy and beautiful to see their success. Just to be making music like that and making such big moves. I’m proud of them. Forget opening doors, I take that back. They actually dropped kicked the door open for guys like me in that lane. I’ve been doing this for like 14 years now and to see them finally get recognized for it- is a beautiful thing

So, as you know I’m a lyric lover and on your record Foldable Stock which is produced by Buckwild, you talk about coming fresh out of the group home. I’m not trying to be nosey but did something or someone inspire you to start creating music in the first place?.

Yeah like I said, my music is more of like a reflection of me. It’s like my journal. I make music for the people who can relate to it and can really fuck with it. So like when I say that “Fresh Out the Group Home”, I really mean it because I lived it. I went through that system. I have so much material out that people probably don’t even realize are things I actually lived. The documentary will make sense of all that. It brings it full circle.

.If you had the opportunity to collab with any musician, dead or alive, who does Pounds 448 pick?

Ohhhhhhhhh shit! I’m a sucker for that psychedelic type music ……so dead? ….I definitely need to get in the studio with Jimmy Hendrix. He knows how to make that guitar cryn and alive…..Wow, oh shit. This is a good one. Rapper Jay-z and Producer- I gotta go with Alchemist.

Tell our readers 3 fun facts about you that we would never know otherwise.

1. One thing is I’m a 4 time NYS Belling Bee Champ. 2nd, 3rd and 4th grade I went to the finals every year. Come to think of it that’s probably why my pen is so crazy. My grasp of the English language is extra, I was super smart in school but I didn’t apply myself because I was so violent and shit.

2. I’m probably one of the best Italian chefs you’ll run into. Like I REALLY REALLY cook. Like chef stuff. Not just basic shit. Like real Italian Delicacy type food. That’s probably why me and Chef Mike Colletti vibe so well. We share that passion and love for cooking Italian food.

But Pounds, can you make a pot of sauce? Like Sunday Maraconi?

Oh god hell yeah! Actually I just made it yesterday. It’s in my fridge right now. That’s funny because that how I know you’re Italian Coco. Because only real Italian’s call ALL types of pasta macaroni. Real Italians don’t call pasta “Pasta”. It’s all macaroni unless it’s Gnocchi or Lasagna. Everything else is straight up macaroni!

3. I love interior decorating shit. I can walk into a room and if things aren’t placed where I think they should be, I feel off and I just start moving shit around. Like feng shui. My house is actually filled with a ton of artwork and stuff by the way. All set up perfectly Feng Shui.

4. I also was the grade school champ of this crazy card combination game like strategy. It’s called Single Digits. It’s a real fast paced card game where you have to be able to solve math equations mad quick.

Who are your TOP 5 Artists of ALL Time?




Big Pun

Sean Price

Actually, when I’m in my studio zone, I listen to anyone of them and when I step into the studio I take that energy with me and make fire. Pun and Jay may both be my number #1 but prodigy is behind just by like a hair. Just a hair though.

Sum up the Current state of Hip Hop in 1 word.

Oh shit … 1 word. Hold on… there’s a word for this. It’s like when something comes back full circle. Revolving.

You’re from Rochester NY & you’re Italian. So, you have to tell, who has the best Italian food out there?

Ricci’s on Jay Street in Rochester is dope, but the best Italian Food out there is VB3 by Chef Michael Colletti in Jersey.

Out of all the Italian Mafia Movies which is the most accurate?

Donnie Brasco is the most accurate. But my favorite is Casino for Sure. If you notice on my forearm I have a pretty big portrait of Johnny Santoro.

Where can our readers find you on social media. Plug yourself in so we know how to find you for features, collaborations and all things Young World.

Instagram: @Pounds448

Twitter: @Pounds448

Facebook: Pounds 448



New Album : THERE IS NO MAFIA – RELEASE DATE~ End of June. Documentary to Release Immediately thereafter.

AVAILABLE NOW for download on the following platforms

Official Music Platforms – Soundcloud/ Amazon Music/ Itunes/ Spotify/ Apple Music/ YouTube Music/ iheartRadio/ Deezer PlayMusic- @Pounds448 /

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