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by Kim Coco

Introduce yourself to our reader’s , let them know your name, where you’re from & the name of the project you’ve just dropped!

My Name is RoarX the Producer. But most people call me RX for short. I’m from Los Angeles California, also based out of Las Vegas, Nevada. The project I dropped is called Gods Gate and it’s my first EP.

So RX Big Congratulations are in Order! “Gods Gate” is your first official EP! You produced the entire album from start to finish creating every single beat, hand picking the artists on each track yourself, organizing the features, mixing and mastering all the music and you have turned it into the masterpiece that it is. The album is fire by the way. The Benny the Butcher Track M.F.B.R.D and Enemies are my 2 favorites. Tell the readers which artists can we expect to hear on this album and your creative process behind this EP?

Well I’ve been blessed to work with artists like Benny the Butcher and Skyzoo while I was out here and those 2 are definitely on this EP. Other artists you can expect to hear featured on Gods Gate include: Landon Wordswell, Blue, Destruct, Donel Smokes, DJ Zole, Harvey Listen, and Destruct. The EP is a collection of some of the greatest lyricists. But yeah the whole creative process was, well… tell you the truth, when I came out here to Vegas in 2017 I was homeless actually. I was experiencing a lot of changes and when I got here I just kind of started fresh. I re- invented myself so to speak. The creativity level was inspired by what I was going through at the time and having to literally start from scratch all over again that the struggle and pain is really what fueled my creative process for this EP. For me though, as part of the preparation process, I always mediate before I start to create anything whether a beat, a record, an EP, thinking up the vision for my album covers, even my clothing line. I like to get into that zone and my best work comes when I am able to tap into my own mind after I meditate. But I have to say I am not only inspired by my own struggle and pain , I tend to also feel inspired to create when I see other people and families affected by what’s going on in the world right now.

You’re a humanitarian it seems like it. Inspired by the pain not only you have experienced but also by the pain of others. Some would even call you a healer.

Rx: Thank you Coco. I never really looked it at that way but yes, you are probably right.

When did you start producing Rx? Did someone or something inspire you to start making music?

Good question. Yes. I started making music back in 2005. I was actually in 11th grade. At that time I was in a metal rock band before any of this. But being in the band didn’t go as planned but that sparked my interest further on a creative level to want to produce. I mean, I grew up in the hood like a lot of other artists and I have always loved music but hip hop is really where my heart is at. My first major artist I got to work with was in 2018 with Skyzoo. I have to say though, his record, the lyrics from One in the Same was and still is major impact/ influence in my life. It made me want to do better for myself and my family. That record really changed and moved me because of what he talks about.

Hip hop is what feels most authentic to me and it’s my way of expressing my art in the culture. The DJ Premiere type, Daringer, Griselda type beats are what I love. But I am really inspired by my family. I always want to do better and work harder not just for myself but for them too. Even till this day my dad has doubts and I get it – but I really have something to prove. Not only to the world and my family but also to myself. Hopefully in the process I can inspire others too.

You were born and raised in LA but live in Vegas now. Tell the readers how did you come to connect with the many artists & producers out of Buffalo NY like Struggle Mike, Benny the Butcher , Griselda family , Black Soprano Family, Che Noir, Kato Producer, Skyzoo just to name a few ?

Well funny story actually. Believe it or not, I was working at an AM/PM at the time which is like a 7/11 or WaWa type store. Like I said earlier, I am no stranger to the struggle and had to start completely over so I was working all the time, beyond even a 9-5. But yeah, I was working there at the AM/PM store and so was my mother at that time. One night when her shift ended, I had gone to pick her up from work and I was standing on line and in front of me was Benny the Butcher. I had to do a double take. I was thinking “Is my mom really ringing up Benny the Butcher’s water & gas right now?” It was Benny and Jake in the store at the time. 2018 to be exact. But so my mom was ringing up Benny and I was waiting to take her home because her shift is over. And 2 weeks earlier I had just put out the record with Skyzoo. I didn’t want to let that type of opportunity pass me by and so I walked up to him and let him know I was a huge fan but I also let him know I was a producer. I told him I wanted to work with him and we exchanged numbers and the rest was history. It was actually just a crazy chance encounter. Right place, right time. So that’s how it really started for me linking with Buffalos best producers and artists. I feel really blessed for that encounter.

So RoarX- You helped produce 2 tracks on Struggle Mikes Mix Tape Da Wall which wound up getting 1 million streams in 72 hours. Just 72 hours!!! Now that’s crazy! I actually covered Struggle Mike’s mix tape not too long ago so this isn’t your first feature in Hip Hop Weekly but it IS your first SOLO feature with the magazine. So tell the readers, what is your relationship like with Struggle Mike & his co- producer Tony Deniro?

I know that’s amazing! Congratulations to Struggle mike honored to be part of this dope project. Thanks to Tony Deniro, Struggle Mike & Ross aka BSF City Boy for having me on these legendary projects.

I met Tony Deniro in 2018 when Benny the butcher & I, first linked up to do “MFBRD” and ever since than we’ve always kept in contact and developed a friendship. Shortly after, Tony Deniro had contacted me for some beats and production work for a project, and that’s how I connected heavily with Struggle Mike & Black Soprano Family. Shout-out to the whole BSF & GXFR team. Salute!

“RoarX is a dope producer and good dude overall. He really puts his soul into his work and keeps putting out that heat”- Struggle Mike on RoarX

“When I met Rx in the studio the very first time, he was excited to work with us. He had good energy. He’s always support BSF and Struggle Mikes projects. Rx is good people. Always working and consistently puts out fire tracks.”

Rx, what inspired you to name the album Gods Gate?

What inspired me actually to name the album Gods Gate was Benny The Butchers lyrics. He talks about making a million before reaching Gods gate.

RoarX, you’ve been creating beats for years. That’s your specialty. You have an ear for creating these unique beats where you actually put strings, trumpets, drums, flute etc on top of the bass. They are a combination of 90s old school and new school with a touch of trap. I describe them as dark and spooky. You just officially released exclusive beats to your website for sale to the public. If an artist wants another type of beat other than what you’re known for, can they contact you to customize beats for them?

I can absolutely create different types of beats aside from Hip Hop. I move with the times and can really create any type of vibe in a beat whether its rock, hip hop , dance- even those R&B type Weekend beats and ill customize what they want based on the sound and vibe they are going for.

You’re also the owner and creator of Rx Apparel which is your just launched clothing line that features the cover art from Gods Gate. I know you discussed that with each future album you’ll launch another piece of apparel to go along with it. Who is the designer of the cover art and tells the readers what can we expect in the future from Rx Apparel?

The artist who created the art on the tee shirt is also the creator of the album cover. It’s none other than Squat DeadFace . He is truly a creative genius. Every-time I launch an album I’m going to launch another piece of apparel to the Rx line. The different and cool thing about the line is that we only produce a limited number at a time to the collection. The art on the shirt is the exact cover art on the album. But Rx apparel is growing fast since its launch and I have some major things in the works for the brand. Stay tuned.

A big part of who you are as a person and a producer is influenced by your family and upbringing. You’re the father of 1 baby boy and you have another one the way. You give back to your community in countless ways including giving away clothes to those in need which is actually what sparked your passion for Rx Apparel . You also have been a major player in the The Dream Act and you mentor kids in LA by giving them an opportunity to learn the music industry through you. Tell the readers a little bit The DreamAct and what inspires you to mentor these kids?

The Dream Act is a Bill that the government has passed for Immigrant in the US, especially those from Mexico like my family, to establish themselves in the country with a social security number and a permit so they can go to school and work. People don’t realize how hard it is- not just time and money to become a US citizen but the reason I support the Dream ACT so much is because it gives us a voice in society to move forward and build and be productive. It really changed me in a lot of ways knowing that the Dream Act was created because I know others that will come after me will not have to deal with my struggle. The reason I mentor these kids is because I know what it’s like to struggle , to sleep in a car, to be poor, to come from hard working poor immigrants and mentoring gives me an opportunity to pay back my blessings to the community.

RoarX- Describe the current state of Hip Hop in just 1 word!

Wow just one word?! That’s a great question. Oh man. Ok- I’m going to say : Revolutionary!

If you had the chance to sit on a bench for 1 hour with anyone in the music industry, dead or alive who do you pick?

Oh man that’s another good one. I got love for Tupac but I’m going to Say…WOW! This is a good question… sheesh! I’m going to go with Keith Liam who goes by Guru from Gang Starr Foundation

Who are your TOP 5 artists, any genre, Dead or Alive?

1. Gang Starr

2. SkyZoo

3. Bwnny the Butcher

4. Emenim

5. Jay-Z

If you had the opportunity to collaborate with one producer and one artist who would you pick?

I’m going to go with Daringer for producer. But oh man……Another hard one. I’m going to say Britney Speaaaa- Haha! Just Kidding! I’m going to say dream collaboration with any artist dead or alive is WestSide Gunn.

So tell the readers what we can expect from RoarX the Producer after “Gods Gate” takes over the charts? What other projects do you have in the works?

Wow! So I have a ton more merch coming, more music coming out , beats that I’m creating and projects I’m producing. Luckily, I’m working with The Black Soprano Family in the near future on a mixtape. Shout out to Mars for hitting me up on that one. I’m also working again with Struggle Mike and Tony Deniro again soon and hopefully for the long term. Shout out to them for making things always happen. I have a mix tape coming called Murder Machine with DJ Grusm with features from Nems, Gortex, possibly … should I say who else? I’m going to keep the other 2 A List Features under wraps for now until the project comes out.

Where can our readers find you on social media? Plug yourself in so we know how to find you for features, collaborations, interviews and all things RoarX.


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Instagram: @RoarXtheproducer

Facebook: Rx The Producer

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Twitter: @RxTheProducer

Official Clothing Online Boutique Rx Apparel:

New EP: Gods Gate available for download on all platforms NOW!

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Additional Links: Co- Produced Da Wall

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