Rising Out Of Canada, Eren Legend Discusses Entrepreneurship As A Celebrity Trainer, World Champion Athlete And Fashion Designer

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Eren Legend is an athlete with a business mind state that is expanding beyond the norm. With the knowledge and ability to do more, Eren Legend has stepped out of the normal boundaries an athlete can find himself in and has entered entrepreneurship. From being a world champion physique athlete to a celebrity trainer, fashion designer and motivational speaker, Eren Legend is making a name for himself across the Globe. Hailing from Canada, Eren Legend has extended his reach to the states and most recently relocated to Los Angeles in effort to expand. We took the time out below to talk about life, training, athletics, business and more with Eren.

HHW: You are currently a celebrity trainer, was that something pretty easy to pick up since you train yourself? What celebrities have you helped train and get in shape?

Eren Legend: Eren was approached at a gym in Toronto one day to train the stars of Starz Networks American Gods!

This included Ricky Whittle (known for The 100 TV Show) as well as Pablo Schreiber (known for Den of Thieves, Halo, Law & Order!)

Eren later went on to train Aaron Patrick, bassist of All That Remains rock group!

He also worked out with Harley Morrenstein of Epic Meal Time!

Eren is currently working with R&B Rawle Harding (Rawlemusic) in Los Angeles to ensure he is ready to improve his endurance for his live musical performances.

HHW: Legend Fitted Apparel seems to be rising in the fashion world and you seem to be selling plenty of it. How did you get started with fashion? What are your goals with Legend Fitted Apparel?

Eren Legend: The public and international success of Legend Fitted Apparel has been tremendous! The meteoric success of Legend Fitted took off when UFC Champion Jon Bones Jones started wearing the Legend Stealth Cap!

His designs can be distinctively recognized apart from other brands. Global Philanthropist Adam Weitsman is also a fan of the Legend Apparel brand which helped catapult the international brand recognition!

Eren has always been a non-conformist in regards to his fashion approach! From a young age he was never afraid to make bold fashion statements in his choice of style!

Eren is accompanied by Caylin Hopkins as a collaborative Fashion Designer! Cay Cay and Eren have plans to introduce over 30 limited collection capsules over the course of the next 12 months!

With Eren in Los Angeles, you can expect a new trendy influence that will push the limits of fashion!

HHW: What is the vision behind Legend Fitted Apparel?

Eren Legend: The Legend Fitted brand was originally established in 2013 but as of 2021 recently underwent a rebrand to make it more appealing and inclusive to the masses!

The brand objective has always been to empower everyday people to feel as though they have the power to become a Legend in their own rights!

Celebrities seemed to love this concept of being recognized as Legends for their efforts without the need to self-claim!

What we love the most about Legend Fitted is that it has such a strong involved community!

When someone is seen wearing Legend Fitted Apparel they are often stopped on the street by other Legends and more times than not they share a moment of happiness and inclusivity!

Which is very difficult to obtain even by larger brands!

HHW: What does it feel like for your brand to be growing a global influence and impact?

Eren Legend: Seeing the public reception being so well worldwide has been incredible! It is very exciting to see people all over the world fall in love with Legend Fitted and find new creative ways to define what being a Legend means to them!

HHW: We’ve seen plenty of celebrities and artists in your clothing. How does it feel for it to be catching on to the masses and some of your peers?

Eren Legend: Celebrities have plenty of influence and are always praised for wearing Legend Fitted Apparel! It truly has a way of drawing a lot of positive attention!

Eren Legend knew from the beginning that Celebrities and Artists would fall in love with the brand!

They immediately understood how empowering seeing the word “legend” would be and how much it would pique the interest of the masses!

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