Rich Chambers Explores the Christmas Spirit with New Album Santa’s Rockin’ Band

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– Rich Chambers is an artist based out of Canada who has created his own form of a Rock N’ Roll Christmas. Chambers’ latest album Santa’s Rockin’ Band has a fun, gritty and real sound to it that brings a whole new meaning to the holiday season.

Chambers’ career began at a young age. Having been inspired by his father who would play guitar, he took interest in the instrument quickly. “When I was old enough to actually wrap my hands around a guitar, my mom bought me one. So I was off and on with it for a few years and at 14, I got into my first Rock band. I thought it was pretty cool and about six months after that, I wrote my first song. I was absolutely hooked on songwriting and it was what really hooked me in. From there, it’s always been a lifelong passion.”

Drawing from a variety of inspirations, Chambers has been cultivating his sound since the beginning. He pulls from several different artists including Johnny Cash, BB King, Elvis Presley, The Beatles, Greenday and more, helping him to create an intersectional and unique sound of his very own. “My sound is very familiar yet not familiar. I sit in the middle ground which I do really like about myself, but in an industry now that really wants to define your genre, it’s sometimes hard for me to get into the right one. That’s one of the reasons I think that my Christmas music is so successful. Christmas is the one area where all genres can meet in the

middle, and everybody thinks it’s cool. In other words, lots of Christmas songs are a mixture of Country Rock, Blues and Retro Rock.”

Santa’s Rockin’ Band is an electric and real collection of Christmas tracks that depict the holiday season in a way that has not truly been explored by anyone before. The experience began because of an old Christmas cover that Chambers had released several years ago. “When I first graduated University, about 20 years ago, I put out this CD of Christmas music. It was pretty successful but after a few years, it kind of started to disappear. But when the digital era hit, there was one song that got quite a few streams and every January I would get a check in the mail for it, so I decided that ‘Hey! I’ve done all kinds of music and Christmas music seems to be the one that keeps bringing in money for me.’” From there, Chambers put together and released a whole new album, also featuring his original Christmas track. To him, the album is meant to be a deviation from the classic and sometimes generic sound of the holiday music that we hear so often. The album brings a new feel to the season, bringing a real Rock & Roll vibe for everyone to enjoy.

Another track on this album was the song “It’s Christmas Time (All Over The World).” This particular song was written in the middle of the summer after a discussion Chambers had with a coworker about his Christmas music. The track was meant to be something that people of every demographic could enjoy. Chambers does an amazing job of this, making something that is fun and perfect for a happy holiday vibe.

“It’s Christmas Time (All Over The World)” has a fun and lighthearted animated music video to go along with it. It has something that everyone can enjoy. This track, its video and the whole album are most certainly worth checking out this holiday season!

Check out Rich Chambers and his music via the links listed below. Be sure to keep an eye on him as he continues to rerelease music from his past and create more exciting new tracks in the coming year.

Santa’s Rockin’ Band

Santa’s Rockin’ Band and Other Musings

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