[REVIEW] ‘TRAUMAZINE’ Unveils 50 Shades Of Megan Thee Stallion

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The Hottie Coach, Megan Thee Stallion returns with her most recent release, Traumazine! The Grammy award-winning superstar, entrepreneur, and philanthropist, arrives in time with her highly anticipated new LP. Following four EPs, Fever, Make It Hot, Tina Snow, and Suga, and two LPs, Good News and Something For Thee Hotties, Meg made an even bigger impact with this one! 

Her new sixth project invites listeners into Megan’s most private thoughts and touches on her journey of self-actualization and trauma recovery. The 18-track collection, Traumazine, takes listeners through her psyche as she processes various life struggles. These hardships include the passing of her mother and grandmother, the grueling demands of being a celebrity, a stormy legal battle with her label, alongside the difficulties of balancing her career as Megan Thee Stallion with her personal life as Megan Pete. Throughout the project, we witness the highs and lows — it’s a personal peep hole look into her emotions. 

The Trauma Within Traumazine 

On Traumazine, Megan alternates between knocking down every obstacle in her path and accepting that some obstacles will take longer to overcome than others. In the midst of the rapper’s own legal dispute with her label, 1501 Entertainment, her long-awaited sophomore album takes on a decidedly darker tone than her previous project. But if the 18-track project reveals anything — it’s that the rapper is also at the top of her game! Admittedly, she stated that her most recent project was the “last one,” referring to its distribution via her previous label. Notably, this project will be her final with 1501 Entertainment, the label she’s suing for allegedly not paying her “in her life” and potentially sabotaging the release of her latest album. Nonetheless, Traumazine is one of the rapper’s most razor-sharp projects, a masterclass in the coveted skill of versatility.

Traumazine is Megan Thee Stallion’s most versatile release yet, ranging from house to pop to pure no-frills rap. This femcee has been unafraid to stretch her skills to fit a variety of contexts since her debut with “Big Ole Freak,” but on Traumazine she masters the ability. For instance, on “Her,” she goes haywire over a boosted house beat. Next, on “Star,” she taps into the R&B realms and expresses her emotions; while on “Not Nice,” she is at the pinnacle of her emceeing ability. Overall, Traumazine has music for the masses! There’s a record for every mood, and each one is accompanied by a different shade of Megan.

Megan Masters Versatility 

Being a good artist necessitates development and relatability, two characteristics shared by many of Megan’s songs. With tracks like “Anxiety,” she raps, “I’m a bad bitch, and I got bad anxiety,” followed by “Flip Flop,” where she talks about how fame can be isolating because you don’t know who you can trust. We see Traumazine delve deeper into her insecurities. Not letting up on her experimenting, she’s now singing into tracks that sound uniquely hers. This can be heard in parts of “Flip Flop“, “Star” with Lucky Daye, and “Consistency” featuring Jhené Aiko, on which Megan harmonizes beautifully. Many were surprised to see Aiko and Daye’s names on the tracklist, as the rapper rarely collaborates with R&B artists, but it was a risk that paid off.

Guests on the “Savage” rhymer’s Good News follow-up include Key Glock, Rico Nasty, Latto, Pooh Shiesty, and Jhené Aiko. As well as Dua Lipa who’s on the sizzling “Sweetest Pie” single followed by the $250K firey Future-featured, “Pressurelicious”. Money bag Meg didn’t come to play on her latest offering as she racked up for this raving release! The project is jam-packed with clever collaborations and solo tracks from Thee Stallion herself. It also contains previously released popular trendy tracks like “Pressurelicious,” “Sweetest Pie,” and “Plan B”. 


  1. NDA
  2. Ungrateful feat. Key Glock
  3. Not Nice
  4. Budget feat. Latto
  5. HER
  6. Gift & A Curse
  7. Ms. Nasty
  8. Who Me feat. Pooh Shiesty
  9. Red Wine
  10. Scary feat. Rico Nasty
  11. Anxiety
  12. Flip Flop
  13. Consistency feat. Jhene Aiko
  14. Star feat. Lucky Daye
  15. Pressurelicious feat. Future
  16. Plan B
  17. Southside Royalty Freestyle feat. Sauce Walka, Big Pokey, Lil Keke
  18. Sweetest Pie feat. Dua Lipa

Megan doesn’t require assistance in creating a smash hit. After all, only a few people can keep up with her raucous rapping style anyhow! Nonetheless, she selects those few carefully. In doing so, Megan chose Rico Nasty, a rapper whose style perfectly suited the song “Scary“. The haunting track has a spooky production that complements Rico’s gothic flair and expressive rap delivery. Additionally, the Houston Hitmaker, pays tribute to her hometown by inviting three well-known Houston rappers: Sauce Walka, Lil’ Keke, and Big Boi to trade bars with on “Southside Royalty Freestlye”! 

The Visualizer 

Lastly, as she geared up to unveil her brand new album, the Houston hottie dropped off a cinematic trailer leading up to its launch! Watch here! 

In celebration of Traumazine on Thursday night, Megan celebrated the album’s release by co-hosting The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. She joined him during his monologue and a “Thank You Notes” segment, thanking birthday candles for being “crayons that like to get lit”. The release of Traumazine comes on the heels of Megan’s second consecutive Billboard Music Awards victory as “Top Rap Female Artist” in 2022. She was also honored with the 2022 Special Achievement Award by The Webby Awards for her artistry and advocacy efforts. Recently, Megan revealed the launch of her ‘Pete and Thomas Foundation’ in honor of her late parents to support cancer care, mental health, and food insecurities. 

If you haven’t already, be sure to stream Traumazine on your preferred DSP! For now, press play here at Hip Hop Weekly

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