Record Producer Trippy Ja Links with Futuristic and 24hrs for the New Single Listen To Me

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Trippy Ja

Trippy Ja is back with a newly announced single following last year’s hit song with platinum artist
24hrs. Recently disclosing the highly anticipated single on social media titled “Listen to Me”, Trippy
Ja has confirmed the track will feature verses from hip hop celebrities Futuristic and 24hrs. Holding
all followers of the rap community captivated, Trippy Ja continues to make his mark in the industry.

After releasing “ Nipsey Blue,” Jacob Walter, professionally known as Trippy Ja, disappeared from
all social media platforms for over four months. With thousands wondering when to expect his return,
Trippy Ja continued to remain quiet. Soon surpassing over twenty million streams worldwide and
securing his fifth RIAA certified plaque, Trippy Ja decided it was time to give back to his fans.

With his number of downloads and streams accelerating daily, Trippy Ja soon teamed up with rapper
Futuristic to create a song unique to hip hop culture. By mixing multiple RnB rooted guitar licks and
applying them to rap based beats, Trippy Ja demonstrates his mastery of instrumental and
production skills. From smooth piano melodies to complex picking patterns, the song “Listen to Me”
is a composition unlike any other in hip hop.

RnB star 24hrs delivers a crushing hook on the track while rapper Futuristic spits a fast melodious
verse. This is the third time 24hrs has made an appearance on one of Trippy Ja’s records as fans
expect many more collaborations between the two legends. With their first record hitting over four
million streams in the first month of release, eyes will be on the charts for their new single “Listen to

Followers of 24hrs and Futuristic are eagerly awaiting the announcement of the release date. Trippy
Ja has pushed both artists’ stylistic boundaries out of their domain to trap, RnB, and even rock n’ roll,
leaving fans on edge to see what their artists have in store for them. By pulling artists out of their
genre and taking a completely different approach on beatmaking, Trippy Ja continues to unlock the
creativity in some of the world’s most iconic artists.

With current collaborations accelerating growth for Trippy Ja, hip hop enthusiasts are anticipating an
album within the next few months. The recently announced track titled “Listen to Me” by Trippy Ja,
24hrs, and Futuristic is set to premiere early this spring.

Check out the collaborations below.

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