Rapper Bagzamilleon’s Is in His Bag, Releases New Single “Watch Me Jump”

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Realizing his talent at the age of thirteen, Rochester, New York rapper Bagzamilleon used music as an outlet to the struggles he faced as a youth. The very first rap he wrote “Why Pops” expressed how he felt about his father’s absence in his life and the trend of speaking his mind and creating music that reflected the trials and tribulations he faced continued. In doing so, his mixtape “Ethel Street” was born, which he talked about the cold, drug riddled and violent streets of Rochester.

Unfortunately due to committing a violent crime at a young age, Bagzamilleon was forced to make the streets his home, becoming one of the top drug dealers in the area at only age seventeen. Without having a stable home and falling victim to the prison system several times thereafter, he finally found a way out when he relocated to Charlotte, North Carolina. It was there het met none other than Roc-A-Fella Records co-founder Dame Dash, which was a major turning point in his career.

In 2016, Bagzamilleon went on to collaborate with Dame Dash, landing two songs on his mixtape “Honor Up” and also worked with him on another mixtape called “Culture Vulture” as well. Growing up, he was inspired by rappers like Jay Z, Biggie and 2 Pac and hopes to one day be able to work with the likes of Lil Baby, Da Baby and Megan The Stallion. Bagzamilleon says his name means “making money, having a million bags in real life to use for a good cause” and plans to live up to his name by helping to create opportunities within the music industry to teach upcoming talent how to make music and use social media platforms effectively.

His new single “Watch Me Jump” is on track to being a viral sensation with the #watchmejump challenge making its rounds on Tik Tok. You can follow Bagzamilleon on Intsagram at www.instagram.com/bagzamilleon and on Twitter at www.twitter.com/bagzamilleon. Stream “Watch Me Jump” now on all major platforms!

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