PnB Rock Dropped New Single “Rose Gold” Feat. King Von

PnB Rock released his first track of 2021 featuring the late rapper King Von. The two rappers teamed up early 2020 to record their single “Rose Gold.” The single release follows the death of the King Von, who was fatally shot back in November. 

The Philadelphia rapper promoted the single in an Instagram post, where he mentioned missing King Von. He captioned it “ REALEST SHIT OUT RN !!!! RUN THIS SHIT UP I MIGHT JUST DROP THE VID @kingvonfrmdao WE MISS YOU BRADDAH.” 

It wouldn’t be a PnB Rock track if we didn’t get to hear his signature melodic flow. “ I got all these scars ‘cause my n***** gone / Tat’em on I’m back and put ‘em in my songs / Caught him slippin left him on the news / Gotta Bite now ‘cause he love to chew,” sings PnB Rock. 

King Von begins his verse foreshadowing his own death. “ Before I die they gon’ remember me / For bein’ in the streets and slangin’ heat, ain’t ducked no enemies / I want the toughest n**** I ain’t never preyed upon the weak,” raps King Von. 

PnB Rock and King Von were last seen together at an interview with “Million Dollaz Worth of Game.” The show is hosted by social media sensations Gillie Da King and Wallo. The two rappers actually gave a sneak peek of the “Rose Gold” track during the interview.

You can listen to the track below. 

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