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Interview By Kim CoCo

Introduce yourself to our readers! Let them know your name, where you’re from & the name of the project you dropped!

What’s up everybody! My name is The Truth but everybody just calls me Truth. I’m a rapper from Staten Island, New York and on August 1st I dropped my EP Summer which is the last EP in my 4 Season EP Collection. My new single Never Riker’s is the first release off that album and its available everywhere. Out now on all Platforms so make sure you go check that out.

So Truth on August 1st, you dropped the last album of your 4 EP Collection that you completed within a year. 4 WHOLE Albums in a year. Your first single to drop off that album is called Never Riker’s and has a feature with NYC Rap Legend Nems. Tell the readers why you picked that record as your first single and let me just mention to the readers that the intro scene of the Never Riker’s Music video should win Best Comedy Duo Skit of the year!

Yeah creating that music video was a dope experience. The beginning is really funny. You mean the pizza scene right? (Laughs) I’m glad you liked it. But yeah- Never Riker’s, just from the feedback alone, I knew it was the hottest track on the EP so really it was a no brainer. That track is the hardest one on the project. It was really the one that got the most attention. Nems is on this record with me and he’s a big player in the game. He is also a lyrical rebel in the NYC Hip Hop Scene so I knew it was going to get the most attention. Me leading that track with one of the hottest artists out right now, Nems, I knew from jump it was gonna be a hit.

The Debut of your EP Summer has taken NYC by Storm and had even hit the NYC Airwaves the same week it released. Truth, tell the readers about that. What you were doing and what did that moment feel like hearing yourself the first time.

Oh WOW. I will never forget that moment or the feeling. I was in the car my kids and I went live on my Instagram. I just really enjoyed that moment. As an artist you wait your whole career for that day. To hear my song on the radio, wow. To be honest it was like a fucking dream. Actually Dj Wallah was the one to World Premiere my record Never Riker’s on the Shade 45 Heavy Hitter Set and it was so well executed. How he did it. I was fucking amazing. I felt amazing it was -it was a dream come true. I have been thinking about that moment since the beginning so to actually live it was really incredible.

What can we expect from this final Season- Summer? Who is featured on this EP with you?

Well Nems you know is on there. But Yes I have another heavy feature with Ren Thomas called Goethals, Joey Flats is on Fly High Actually Ren Thomas was on Rick Ross’s VH1 show. He such a dope lyricists and I respect his pen heavily .I got my label mate Migs 718 and Big Money Hit on the Big Fan record. The Big Fan Record is more of like a club sound and feel, more of like a fun track that the club world is going to love when the world opens back up. But that Fly High Track with Joey Flats, we have that video coming out soon

Where did you get the name Truth from? Did someone give it to you?

Actually I got the name a few years back, I went to my cousin’s house and as a joke , one of his friends plugged a gun out on me to see my reaction. Instead of showing fear I told him “Go ahead and pull the trigger”. They didn’t expect that of me and said WOW- this guys The Truth. And so from there they just started calling me “The Truth”

Truth, you were born and raised in Staten Island NY and have worked with many NYC legends. Tell the readers who else you’ve worked with and any plans to work with other big names in the future?

Nem’s of course, I’ve worked with Fligga from Far Rockaway, Jo Paul, Solomon Child, Ceen Streets

Solomon Child’s whose a Wu -Tang Affiliate, Ren Thomas, my label mate Migs.

Truth you mentioned to me that the cover art to this Collection has a spiritual meaning to you. A message behind each cover you put out. Can you explain the story behind the 4 series cover art and the story that leads up to this final one?

Yes, so each cover has the same tree from different angles. The tree to me represents the tree of life. The same Bridge is always in the background on each album cover – the Verrazano which represents where I am from and connecting the bridge to success, connection, connecting.

The final one, the Summer EP. The cars are broken. The ferry capsized. The tree is on fire. The cars are flying off the bridge in the background into the water and there’s smoke and fog everywhere. The meaning behind it to me is that means is that all my hard work has paid off and I went out with a major BANG!

Summer isn’t your first project. You have put out other projects. Drop the names of those so the readers can check those out too!

So my other projects are Autumn, Winter, Spring – those are the other 3 Eps that make up the 4 seasons collection. I also dropped another project before that called Wa2ted. They are out now on all Platforms. I have 5 projects out in total but this final one. It really is fire.

People have said you’re the one to look out for. The Next to Blow and even won a Major NYC Showcase where you were crowned the King- AKA the Best Rapper on Staten Island. There’s been a lot of noise around you this past year Because as an Indie Rapper you have Turned the Pressure up on a lot of guys causing a Stir Among the NYC Hip Hop Scene and not just with your numbers. Your songs are playing on the radio. You’ve been interviewed at hot 97 , Interviews with This is 50, Hip Hop 87 to name a few. How do you respond to that?

Yeah well it’s simple. It’s the music baby! The formula is simple. That’s it . It’s either you have it or you don’t. It’s very simple. If you don’t got it and you’ll never be seen or heard. It’s that “it factor” so if you’re making and the people don’t rock with you, you’re not gonna get numbers. It’s just very simple. The music is good you know the numbers go up every day and I have not even started doing any promo as far as like our Spotify playlists or marketing. I haven’t done any advertising or marketing on the summer project yet but I will be. it’s already getting crazy numbers and it’s the music people. The people just , they love the music, my style, my lyrics, my sound. I am the rebel at the moment but I am humbled and grateful for the love I have received from both the OG rappers and New school Ones.

OK Rapid Trivia – One word answers and no elaborating. Ready? Name another rapper that the industry is overlooking right now?


Which 2 Producers would like to see go against each other in a Verzuz battle?

Producers – ok I gotta go with Dre and Diddy

Sum the current state of Hip Hop in just 1 word!

Ok, just one word? Unbalanced

You get the chance to collaborate on a song and make a hit record with any 2 rappers. But the catch is- One Dead and One Alive

Stack Bundles


Who are your TOP 5 artists of ALL TIME Dead or Alive?

Well in no particular order, I’m going to go with

1. Stack Bundles

2. Biggie

3. Jadakiss

4. Jay-z

5. Eminem

Name one thing that you think even with all the money & fame in the world, Money cannot buy?

Love and peace of mind

You have a really big and supportive team behind you. Shout Out your team!

Ok so Mike Loco has been a real big supporter so most definitely him and the whole MLM Entertainment family. Salvo, Seesher, my wife , my family and friends. Oh and how can I forget! You Coco! You been a day one too.

So Truth your New Album King Summer RELEASED on 8/1/2020! Tell the readers what can we expect from you after Summer takes over the charts? What’s in store for you as an artist after the world opens back up?

So I have the video in the works. The Fly High Track with Joey Flats, we have that video coming out soon like I said. Once the world opens back up, I have more music coming out and more shows and live performances. You know- Im not just an artists but I throw shows and events myself for rising artists to showcase their talent. More radio interviews, more press. More dope features. I am coming out of this pandemic BIGGER and BETTER than anything you have seen before. I can’t wait to start networking again and change the game within the culture. I’m open to anything. I’m starting to see about the acting world and Ive been told I’m handsome so maybe I’ll get some modeling!

Where can our readers find you on social media ? Plug yourself in so we know how to find you for features, collaborations, interviews and all things The Truth

IG – @TheTruth_Staten

Facebook: @The Truth

YouTube Subscribe! – @TheTruthStaten

Facebook Fan Page: The Truth

News & Updates at Twitter @TheTruth_Staten

New EP-Summer Available Now for download on the following platforms

Official Music Platforms – SoundCloud /TIDAL/ GooglePlay/ Amazon Music/ Itunes/ Spotify/ Apple Music/ YouTube Music/ iheartRadio/Shazam/TikTok/ Deezer PlayMusic

New video – Never Rikers The Truth Feat. Nems – YouTube

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