Our Cutt’s Steel Sev with J. Whoody is Set for Take Off

The streets were hungry for new music and Our Cutt Records delivered with a collab by two of their most sought-after rappers on the label, Steel Sev and J Whoody. The newly released single, “Take Off” has done just that and it is not expected to land until the fans are done with it. And that does not appear to be on the radar anytime soon. Although the single has the streets talking, it has global appeal that made the stakes even greater. 

Mr. OC, the CEO of the label, knew these two artists from the hoods of Newark, NJ (Brick City) would get the job done. Steel Sev’s hardcore delivery combined with the smooth flow of J Whoody’s lyrics – are direct and intentional. Publicist Lynn Hobson states, “Both artists can hold their own but their collaboration on this single, ‘Take Off’ put them on a different level. I don’t expect them to hit the ground anytime soon with this one.” Follow them on their social media @jwhoody and @steel_sev on Instagram as well as all musical platforms for more details about their music.

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