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The entertainment industry is at a very enlightening time right now for content creators. Rather your
jumping head on into the music world or taking a chance on YOU and starting that business you always
wanted to create this is the time to flourish. Andre Dixon – Wright and Lakisha Poole are both included
in that new wave of rising faces building their own foundation from the ground up. The two business
partners met while Andre was filming a project for Lakisha’s artist Sheedfromda4. Instantly respecting
each other’s hustle, the rest is history! They are set to have a busy 2022 with their upcoming project
featuring DJ Chuck T and will also be doing a mixtape titled ‘Shine Or Starve’ for the artists apart of the
platform. Lakisha Poole, a mover, and shaker bringing the #BlackGirlMagic offers great management and
is known to have exceptional professionalism about her. With the heavy increase of social media
platforms allowing creatives to promote their own talents the possibilities for success are endless these

The company was founded in 2018 initially with the sole focus being to provide artist management and
street wear. Growing into covering more avenues, later in 2020 they included Videography and
Photography services provided by Andre. Both partners pride themselves on highlighting individualized
creativity, freedom of expression, and authentic content for creatives of all types.

Charlotte is a booming city and has flourished tremendously over time with several amazing new
businesses popping up. Both partners are confident that #SOS was the missing link that the music and
entertainment avenue needed. Not looking to slow down the company dropped its 1 st solo artist
performance on Instagram just a few years ago and has continued to break down several milestones
since then. Many of the local artists, DJ’s, producers, radio personalities and influencers have already
gravitated to the new platform.

Now that they are picking up momentum in the city, independent artists have started to realize that
they could create quality content with SOS without the headache of traditional performance showcases
including additional costs, entry fees, waiting to perform in an order etc. For example,
@southside_heat919 was voted “most popular artist” and the young star traveled to Charlotte from
Raleigh, North Carolina to ‘flame the mic’ on their platform. By performing his single “Resident” he
managed to pick up new fans in a new city as well as streams on his music! In short, SOS is doing
something different, and that special difference has started to create a buzz within the Carolinas. Artist
have come to SOS “flame the mic sessions” from all levels of society anticipating flaming the mic in front
of Charlotte, North Carolina’s beautiful skyline.

All independent artists and creatives in the music industry of Charlotte and surrounding areas
who are interested in horning in on their talents including singing, dancing, rapping, or even poetry do
not need to look any further! Book your session or consultation with ‘Shine or Starve’ TODAY! The
company offers high quality content and aims to please every client they encounter. You are getting
professional service from experience individuals with a skill set to maneuver through the tough field
called Show Business! You have full creative control of all your work and the company is behind you to

assist with everything being of highest standard as well as making sure that the business side of things
are in order. To get featured on the platform all artists must go through a booking process. Once you
book your “flame the mic session” a response is sent back to the artist providing a personal date and
time to film. Once filmed you will have created next level state-of-the-art content to brag about and
built a permanent connection with people in the business who care about you and your brand!

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