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By Michelle Visa

Top Grease should be on everyone’s radar. The duo Flee and Pedro da Don representing Buffalo, N.Y.. are here to show everyone that doubted them, that it’s their time . With a new album out and solid visuals to compliment it, the storytelling found on the EP “I can’t save you” proves that it’s deeper than rap. Top grease isn’t looking for any handouts and demonstrates that with a solid foundation, family, and hustle their future is looking very bright.
Michelle Visa had the chance to check in with Top Grease and discuss how they got it out the mud.

VISA: What does Top Grease actually mean?

TOP GREASE FLEE: “GREASE” is another word for aware. Everyone has “greasy” ways as far as betrayal or conquering you at any weakness they sense. So Top Grease is just about staying aware and greasy when needed.

VISA: So you are basically a group but also individual artists also. How did Top Grease the group come about? How did you start working together collaboratively?

TOP GREASE FLEE: It originally was “Stay Greasy” which was just our movement. In other words meaning “stay aware”. Top Grease came about as a organic jokingly conversation. One person kept screaming “OBH TOP GREASE” influenced by rapper AR Ab rap group and slogan “OBH TOP GOON”. We all came to the conclusion that we are all “TOP GREASE”. #freeARAB. We started working collaboratively because we grew up together. Same household, same schools, same neighborhood, long story short we are brothers from different mothers.”

VISA: Let’s talk about the album “ I can’t save you” . What inspired the title? What can listeners expect from it?

TOP GREASE PEDRO DA DON: “Life is what inspired the title “I CAN’T SAVE YOU”. When we were coming up and out here rapping, we were really taking it seriously. We used to tell people to support, comment, share any music/video we do. Of course your own city will not support you until it’s too late, but by then your support does not matter so…”I CAN’T SAVE YOU”

VISA: What track on the album best describes your grind and come up?

TOP GREASE FLEE: “I feel like TKWTD (They know what they did) and ICSY (I can’t save you) are the songs that best describe our come up. We worked hard to get where we are, while a lot of close friends and relatives just watched. We make the best music in our city no debate, and as they were watching the come up they decided not to support. THEY KNOW WHAT THEY DID I CAN’T SAVE YOU”

VISA: Which track has gotten the best response from listeners?

TOP GREASE: 3am In The Trenches, It’s the first single we pushed and put promotion behind off the new EP. The video is hot and the younger generation relates to the song so they love it.

VISA: Tell us about some of the producers and you’ve worked with and the videographers for
this project

TOP GREASE: We’ve worked with a lot of producers, but our main producer right now is DJ M80, originally from Rochester but resides in Buffalo. Also with videographers we worked with Emmy nominated Gus Clark aka DJ GUS. However, our main videographer that has been there since day one is director and editor Samuari Black CEO of Black Water Ent.

VISA: You are currently signed with 7sixteen the label. Shout out to Mr. G Six. What made you sign to an independent company?

TOP GREASE PEDRO DA DON: THERE was no question that we were signing to this independent label because we are all real family that came up in the same household so at the end of the day this is our label 7 Sixteen Ent LLC.

VISA: You are also a designer? Tell me about your love for fashion and the culture.

TOP GREASE FLEE: I’ve always had love for fashion and the culture. The love shows through my own clothing line. I used to always design shirts and jeans as a kid and into high school and still currently creating. I just always had a passion for having limited accessible items and clothing.”

VISA: Who inspired you to start recording music? When did you realize your passion for hip hop and decide to pursue it?

TOP GREASE PEDRO DA DON: I was inspired to start recording from my brothers TOAK ENT., that’s an artist named KOMADYAN and MR. G6. My whole life I have had passion for hip hop. I’ve been rapping since grammar school, but I decided to pursue it and take it seriously about 3yrs ago.

VISA: You guys are great at coming up with slogans . For example ” They know what they did”, it’s greasy, and even the album “I can’t save you” is a slogan. How do you come up with them?

TOP GREASE PEDRO DA DON: “To be honest, we get the quotes from real life situations. It just so happens to be very relatable to most people living and growing up in poverty.

VISA: Tell us how you grew up and What has been your biggest struggle coming from Buffalo, NY?

TOP GREASE PEDRO DA DON: “I grew up like a lot of kids in the “HOOD”. No real structure in the household, no dad, mom trying her best to raise 7 kids by herself, in and out the system, foster homes and all. Just trying to survive everyday in the streets was the struggle for me.”

TOP GREASE FLEE: “I grew up with my dad. My mother passed away when I was 9yrs of age, so no longer having my mother’s love resulted in a lot of anger growing up. Even in school and the streets I was always smart enough to never let my emotions over power my intelligence.”

VISA: The industry has recently been paying a lot of attention to Buffalo. However, Buffalo can somewhat be divided at times. What artists are you looking forward to working with from your city?


Instagram: 7_Sixteen_Ent, topgrease_, ceo_grease
Facebook: @7 Sixteen Ent, @Top Grease
Twitter: @7sixteenentLLC, @Top_Grease, @ceogrease

Watch “3am In The Trenches”

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