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Money Coach

If you want to be a Money Coach, you can’t afford to lose yourself in self-indulgence. You’ve got to have a sharp mind, clear sight, financial prudence, discipline, and discernment. A sense of humor helps, too. When temptation comes, you’ve got to look straight at it — and say “No Thank You.” Cleveland-born, Chicago-based rapper Money Coach knows all about the perils and pitfalls of modern life. On his latest single, he sets them up, one at a time, and emphatically turns away from each one.

He does it all with a smile and a wink and the kind of brash, straightforward delivery and clever wordplay he’s known for. And maybe that’s the best strategy for coping with a complicated world: try not to take yourself too seriously, stay light on your feet, and recognize trouble when it knocks on your door. On the track, Money Coach turns down intoxicants, cheap sex, violent solutions, and bad deals designed to separate him from his bankroll. He recognizes snakes in the grass, wanton women, flim-flam men, and stealth gangbangers, and he successfully avoids them all. By the end of the track, he hasn’t been parted from a single dollar. There’s a coach worth heeding, a leader worth following, and a man on a worthy mission.

The music world has noticed. In the past few years, Money Coach has been all over the place, performing at SXSW, the House of Blues, Atlanta Hip-Hop Day, the Revolt TV Conference, and other venues and events. He’s made an impression everywhere he’s gone — he’s got the charisma of a preacher, the gravitas and creative energy of an entrepreneur, and the fashion style of a tycoon, and his outsized personality and formidable skills are evident every time he raps. Money Coach is a commanding stage performer as well as a terrific recording artist, and he’ll be taking to the road again just as soon as circumstances allow.

In the meantime, he’s given us this: a colorful, uproarious clip for “No Thank You” that dramatizes the song’s narrative and gives the star plenty of room to make his presence felt. We meet a gun-toting tough, an enthusiastic twerk, and the Devil in the guise of a record company executive — and Money Coach swerves around all of them. His wagging finger and outstretched hand speaks volumes about his disdain for dissipation, and his fantastic wardrobe tells you even more about the resources he commands. Keep your cool, be discriminating and wise, and you, too, might enjoy a similar kind of opulence.

Q. How has your upbringing in Cleveland, Ohio, and your current residency in Chicago, Illinois,
impacted your musical journey?

A. Growing up in Cleveland, Oh, I was exposed to a diverse hip-hop music scene. My very first favorite
music artist was Michael Jackson, I grew up moonwalking and smooth talking. I was influenced by the
entire industry; east coast, west coast as well as the dirty south rappers. It was a lot of different genres of
hip-hop in my music collection. Once I moved to Chicago, I noticed it was just like Cleveland just a much
bigger city. More night life and more night spice. There was a different venue every day of the week.
Chicago was popping. I took what I got from Cleveland and Chicago and just put it all in one.

Q. At what point did you discover your unique sound and voice as an artist, and when did you know
that you wanted to pursue a career in the hip-hop music industry?

A. When I was 10 years old I was inspired by my older cousins who was writing their own raps. I wanted
to be like them so I asked one of them to write me a rap and he did. I said to myself “I can do this” and I
wrote my own rap. Turns out my rap was better than the one he wrote and he was five years older, so I
knew at that point in time that I had some great talent. A couple years later my cousins and I formed a rap group. Our group was called the funky natives. We began rehearsing and doing shows. At 13 years of age I was ready to begin my music career.

Q. What inspired you to create “No Thank You”? How does the song’s title and message align so well
with your rapper name, Money Coach?

A. My producer (mega made it) and I was in the spaceship vibing to new beats. He played the “No Thank
You” beat and I liked it immediately. But at that moment I didn’t know what I would write to the beat. A
beautiful woman walked pass the car as we’re listening to the beat, my producer rolls down his window
and said “can I talk to you?” She responded “No Thank You.” We looked at each other and both said out
loud “No Thank You!” I began free-styling, ending each bar with “No Thank You.” The official song “No
Thank You” was born. I began calling myself MONEYCOACH shortly after high school, because of my
career as a Financial Consultant and rapper. I created an acronym for money, (My Own Natural Energy
Yield). I am the Money and I am Coaching my life to make better plays. The song No Thank you to me is
really like coaching my self and others to make better decisions in life and to know it’s okay to say “No
Thank You”.

Q. How did the music video capture your creative vision for “No Thank You”? What is the significance
of the storytelling executed in the video, with each scene telling its own short stories tied to the bigger

A. In the No thank you video the creative vision was captured very well because if you listen to the song,
it tells it’s own story vividly. I really have to give credit to the director. It was tied to a bigger plot we just
really focused on getting the message and the visuals to coincide.

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  1. Hands down the most entertaining artist, period! teaching game at the same time, when money coach talk I’m all ears

  2. The real crossover is when you can make a rap about being cool to say “No Thank You” to all the negativity that comes with the hood rap. Catchy upbeat….feel like a good vibration.

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