Mochavation’s New Music Draws Attention To Racial Injustices And Global Events: ‘A Reflection Of The Harsh Reality Of The World We Are Living In’

HHW Staff

At a time when racial injustices that are attached to police brutality and senseless murders of black people, a rising emcee based in Ohio is echoing sentiments of hope and change in his forthcoming single.

Many have already become familiar with Mochavation due to his hit single “Cooler”, which has peaked on radio airplay charts, and the world is in for another treat with Moch’s new song that covers social issues facing America as well as worldwide events like natural disasters and more.

Digital Radio Tracker previously reported his first single “Cooler” peaking at No. 4 on the Global Top 150 Independent Airplay Charts.

It’s rare for rappers nowadays to have the versatility to go from making club records and radio-friendly, feel good music, to serious songs about politics, justice and peace. But you’ll get a taste of the indie rapper’s versatility when the song drops.

“I feel like music is a way to express my pain living in this world full of hate. I think we should spread more love,” Mochavation said. “Growing up in the hood it was always problems. I always hoped and prayed somehow I could save everyone from their problems.”

Good news is that the song, which the name of it remains undisclosed, is set for a prerelease made available on Apple and Amazon on July 24. The official single release date is August 7 made available on all streaming platforms.

And his artistic cover for the song unveiled on July 17 is eye candy! In the art cover, you’ll get a glimpse of the view from Moch’s lens related to current racial tensions existing in the country and the global coronavirus pandemic. He’s even spilled the beans about making a music video for the song, saying that the video will offer “a reflection of the harsh reality of the world we are living in.”

Moch’s record label, HHP Entertainment, is a subsidiary of CW-One Music Group, LLC. Lookout for the release of Mochavation’s forthcoming single about social issues worldwide and the political climate in America and more by following him on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook at: @Mochavation.

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