Mitch SOS AFA Talks His Upcoming Music & What Kept Him Creative Throughout The Pandemic

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By Radio Redd Roxx

Reddroxx: Good evening! Thank you again for sitting down with me for Hip Hop Weekly Magazine.

Mitch SOS AFA: Thank you for having me..

RR: You’re welcome! Please start by introducing yourself to the readers….name, where you’re from and what you do.

MSA: My name is Justin Smith, I go by the rap name Mitch Sos A -F-A and and I’m an independent rap artist from Buffalo,NY.

RR: Thank you! Before we continue, please explain your name

MSA: My rap name is a mash up of two fictional characters that I grew up wanting to be like. Money Mitch from Paid in Full and The plug Sosa off of Scarface. Both bosses.

RR: Ok makes sense! What has your experience of being from Buffalo, NY taught you?

MSA: Being from buffalo has taught me to be vigilant and always stay on pivot. Never get complacent or too comfortable. My city made me cold.

RR: I’m sorry to hear that it made you cold, in my opinion you shouldn’t allow anything or anyone to make you that way. I get it though! Tell us about how some significant experiences, good or bad, that you’ve gone through shaped you as a person and artist as well

MSA: As far as experiences I’ve gone through that shaped me.. There’s so many. I’m a very aware, conscious, person and always have been. If I was to pick three I’d say when when I was deployed to Iraq, when I had my daughter, and when I was released from prison after a seven year sentence. Each one of those served as a catalyst for a major shift in my thought process.

RR: Those are very significant events so I can see how they shaped or changed you. Thank you for your service as well. So when did you start doing music?

MSA: I always have written poetry. But I didn’t start writing music and taking it serious until my last two years of my sentence which was 2017. I was released Oct.17, 2019 and I started formally recording music at the Chakra Bar Studios soon thereafter. 

RR: Top! I’ve always written poetry as well. I’m no rapper though lol Who’s some of your musical influences?

MSA: I’m eclectic so as far as my music tastes range anywhere from Beethoven, to Mala, and Black Sabbath to Tupac and Biggie. As far as actual artist that influenced my decision to rap I’d say Jay Z, Nas, Lil Wayne, and LunchMoney Lewis.

RR: Dope! Definitely some of my faves in there too. Didn’t expect Beethoven! That could help answer my next question though, What do you feel like separates you from other artists from Buffalo, NY?

MSA: Besides my incessant, perfectionist work ethic I don’t believe that I sound like any other artist in the industry in this industry. I can rap slow or I can speed it up. If you listen to ADHD you’ll hear it.. I’m all over the place.

RR: So that’s where the title ADHD comes from, got it! Are you currently signed or have management? 

MSA: I am currently under management with Authentic Empire outta Atlanta,GA. Besides myself they a multitude of artists under their umbrella from Internationally known Foogiano and Money Mu to another locally bred artist, my guy, Swindle.

RR: Ok, sounds like you have a solid team. Would you want to stay independent, or would you take the major label deal if it came along? Explain why or why not. 

MSA: There’s a lot of pros and cons in either situation. I would like to stay as independent as possible. But If the opportunity for me to obtain a major label deal came about and it was more beneficial than not, then I wouldn’t be opposed to it.

RR:  That’s a smart answer. Now let’s talk about your music, are you currently pushing a single? 

MSA: I have a single thats titled “I’ll NEVER fold” that drops January 1st on SoundCloud and it’ll be available on all other platforms on January 17,2021.

RR: Congrats! Can’t wait to hear it. Do you have a bigger project in the works?

MSA: Besides interviews, and online performances, I am working on visuals and trying to get them out to the public in the very near future. I also have a few more singles that I’ll be releasing as well.

RR: So it doesn’t seem like the pandemic slowed you down any as an artist. How are you remaining creative during the pandemic? 

MSA: I try to take trips. Never sit still and if I’m sitting still I’m planning or doing something that doesn’t require walking or moving. I also meditate every morning to try to remain balance and clear of negative energy.

RR: Ok meditation! You seem like a well-rounded individual and artist, what’s some advice you can give to other upcoming artists? 

MSA: I’d say let’s work.. let’s put our resources and ideas together and kick the do’ in together!! Besides that, keep grinding..

RR: So network, that’s good advice. Where can we find your music to support your movement? 

MSA: My music can be found on EVERY major music platform and social media platforms including Apple Music, Spotify, Instagram, Facebook, Tik-Tok, and Triller

RR: Thank you very much for sitting down with me I appreciate it! Leave your fans with a word of advice

MSA: Don’t be discouraged. Things may not happen as quickly as you expect, but you have to be ready for that and keep pushing.

Google my name and you’ll be able to find links to whatever platform you are looking for me on. Thanks

RR: Cool! well thanks again for sitting down with me, definitely looking forward to hearing more of your work in the near future.

You can follow Mitch SOS AFA on Instagram. Listen and support his music on Spotify. If you’re an artist that would like an interview with Radio ReddRoxx, email!

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