Mingo The Poet Showing the World How to Live Without Fear in ‘I Be On It’

Hip-hop music has been the choice of the world since its inception. The genre has helped artists to conduct their message to the youth in an effective way. Hip-Hop music has been the most influential form of music as most people, regardless of color, age, or cast, use it to listen, follow, and inspire. Hip-

Hop was basically inspired by the sufferings, pain, and artistic genius of black Americans. It is a multi-million-dollar industry that has helped create millionaires among black youth. It inspired many young African American young rappers to become business tycoons with their extremely powerful vocals and the ability to convey the message effectively. Jay-Z, Diddy, Jermaine Dupri are amongst the African Americans to become stars through their amazing voice.

Notorious B.I.G’s track ‘juicy’ has aggressively inspired the youth, as they dreamt of being rap stars and earning enough to fulfill their necessities throughout their childhood. These black kids have nothing but fear, fear of discrimination, fear of being called the lowest, fear of being left out. Despite all this, Hip-Hop stars like Notorious B.I.G and Mingo The Poet rose to the occasion to help these young kids have the slightest hope to become successful and recognized by society. Mingo The Poet from the humble streets of Marion, Indiana, through his inspirational music, created a panoramic view for every young rap star striving to get to greatness. His new creation, ‘I be on it,’ immensely reflected on how talented a black kid may be through his unique musical ideas and powerful voice.

Mingo The Poet, through his inspirational music, teaches young black Americans how to turn their pain into prospects. He knew how powerful his voice was, so he took advantage of his gift to empower African Americans. The Lyrics used in his music spotlighted his struggles, hardships, passion for succeeding, and evident rap skills. Mingo The Poet is CEO of his label and Global Brand Ambassador for RADIOPUSHERS.

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