Milwaukee Artist McGuire is God Shares His Latest Project “The Blackout” & Talks Exclusively With HHW

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Introduce yourself to our readers, let them know your name and where you’re from

What’s the word my wackos it’s McGuire is God hailing from Milwaukee, WI.

What’s the meaning behind his name?

McGuire is God; Omnipotence Obtained I like to use that phrase as a summary but the long story short I treat myself as if I’m a God, as if I’m all powerful and I have full faith and belief in myself even when all the cards are stacked against me. I will always find a way to persevere and become more powerful in my creative passion. I can use it as a chant, a motto, or a montra as well but I decided to use it as my name too to always remind me of who I am . A God.

When did you know that it was actually going to be your career?

I knew I wanted to be a rapper since 2007 and I been working hard in order to get to the place I wanna be which is at the top. I knew this would be my career  after my friend wanted me on his song called “Swag poppin” (Shout out DJ XO) and I been tryna top charts ever since .

If you could get advice from any artist in the industry, who would it be and why?

Drake or Lil wayne no disrespected to the other great Djs, A&Rs, Singers, engineers, and producers but Wayne took Drake underneath his wing and he’s been flying high ever since. You can’t deny that greatness and I want to emulate that.

What or who influences your music?

Drake, Lil Wayne, Eminem, Big K.R.I.T, Daft Punk, Kanye West, KRS One , I can go on and on for hours with musical influences and we not even talking about production which is a whole different sent musical icons .

What’s the process of creating music for you?

I start music with the beats. I usually compose my own compositions and I use spice loops too when I make music on FL mobile which I do frequently. After that I vibe write to the music. I usually rehearse a lot before touching the mic to avoid wasting time in the studio cause time is money. I record myself and then get ready to make my  single cover. It’s a lot because I have to be the whole record label but this the life I chose lol.

Being a multi-facted artist, which part of making music does he enjoy doing the most?

I really like making beats the most but nothing in the world can beat performing on stage in front of people who love your music because they not only connect to you but to the music too. It’s an extremely euphoric sensation that reverberates throughout your body. It’s just amazing.

What brought about the message behind his music (if any)

I have a couple of songs where I talk about the struggles and successes of African Americans and how I’m proud to be and African American but other than that I try to be pretty conceptual with my music. For my recent project it was more of an all out bars fest to display my lyrical prowess and intellect .

Have you ever released an album?

I have released 3 albums and 1 mixtape
– The Grind, Vol 1
– Word of Mouth
-The BlackOut (Most recent)
-10 4 10
I’m here today mostly promoting my new project “The BlackOut”

If so, when did you release your album/albums?

 I dropped “The Grind, Vol 1” in October of 2018 . I dropped “10 4 10” and “Word of mouth” in 2020 cause I wanted to put out massive amounts of music which lead me to make the music for “The BlackOut” 2021. I made “The BlackOut’s” beats, engineering and writing in the first 2 months of 2021

What differentiates you from other artists?

I do it all so that puts me in a league and higher status in my personal opinion. Most people don’t write, record, or make the beats for they music none the less put major promotion behind their work . I also have a versatile arsenal of flows, musical compositions, lyrics, and promotion tactics that should give me an upper hand on artist who don’t want to put the foot work in or has the work done for them. I’m vowing to be the HARDEST WORKING MUSICIANIN MILWAUKEE and if I don’t have it now I’m coming for it and then I’m coming to take the game as a whole  .

What do you hope to get out of your involvement in the music industry?

I hope to make a name for myself, family, friends, and my community. I’m from a small place and not a lot of people make it out my city, become successful and get to live life to the fullest. Of course a lot of money too lol . I have this obsession with immortality and I feel like music will do that for me somehow … I don’t know how yet tho. 

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