Miami’s Biggest DJ, DJEFX Has Become The Most Sought After Producer & A&R In The Game After The Debut of His Single EAZY Goes Viral

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Interview By Kim Coco

Introduce yourself to our readers! Let them know your name, where you’re from & the name of the project you dropped!

What’s up . My name is DJEFX. Born in Los Angeles California but raised and living in Miami Florida. Many of you may know me as one of Miami’s hottest nightclub DJs having residencies at some of the biggest clubs in the South Beach area and really- across the globe. I also host my own my Mix show every Thursday on Miami’s 92.7FM radio, I’m an A&R with Fenatiq music, recently signed by Rockwell Talent and I’m a Producer at Audio Vision. I just dropped my latest single EAZY on 10/16/2020 which is available everywhere now on all Platforms so make sure you go check them out!  

DJEFX, you have officially debuted your HIGHLY ANTICAPTED single EAZY which had the industry going crazy before it even released. You executively produced this track and put together a winning team for the project. Tell the readers who’s a part of this project?

For this single I put a team together when once I had completed making the beat. Once I heard the beat I was able to envision the team the sound and vibe that I wanted and in the end we really brought that vision to life. The amazing thing is that once I played the track for the guys, everyone TRULY vibed to it. You know because music is a vibe. In order to truly have a hit record the team has to feel that energy from the music just as much as you do. Remember, for years I’ve broken records for artists both on radio and in the clubs so I know a hit when I hear it. On this song we have Baby Wock. He is on the first verse and has actually managed Triple X and rapper Little Pump. We have Jay Burna- an artist who has made music with Trina. He is on the second verse and has songs with Wyclef record and even charted Billboard. He’s official. Isaiah is who you’ll hear on the hook for the single EAZY. He’s signed to Capital records. Rojas On the Beat helped produced this single. He has produced for Triple X. Lastly we have the World Famous Heavy Hitter DJ and on air personality- DJ New Era. This single is just the beginning of what’s to come.

Download EAZY:

When can we expect the music video for this one?

Due to Covid we had to push it back but timing is everything but the creative vision for the music video is crazy! Wait till you see it. I’ll be making an official announcement for the readers and fans on my Instagram once we are ready to debut the video. Stay tuned

Follow DJEFX on IG for Official Announcement:

DJEFX, you mentioned your mix show on Miami’s Hottest Hip Hop Station 92.7FM. Tell the reader about that and can other artists submit their music to you to be considered for your show?

Yes! I run my show twice a week on 92.7FM where I go live on the airwaves on Thursdays from 12pm-1pm and Friday 9pm -10pm. I constantly am looking for and scouting new talent and artists. Fresh music. I get thousands of music submissions a week and I go through all of them looking for the newest and hottest song to world premiere. Any artist interested in submitting their music for consideration can send an email to me.

Listen Live:

Music Submissions Email:

DJEFX , In your DJ career you have been responsible for breaking so many records both in the nightclubs and on radio. Is that part of your recipe for success?

Absolutely I think that has a lot to do with it. I have been in the music scene and DJ’ng for so long that I know what a crowd of people will hear and love. The music is what’s going to set the tone in the room and determine the energy that night. I can hear a record and know whether the crowd will feel that energy too off the bat. In the end all my years of DJ in and around the nightlife scene has helped me network and build the right relationships. It helped me to develop and continue to develop my craft into becoming the monster mogul producer. Like a Khalid or DJ mustard. This industry isn’t for everyone and it’s that the battle of the fittest type of mentality. Let’s say an artist or a DJ or a producer gets too compliant in growing, evolving and learning- even the most talented in the whole world can be outdone by someone who has more drive, hunger and knowledge. You have to put the work in to stay on top. That’s the nature of this game, the music industry

A big part of your music career was spent in the Nightclub scene as a DJ in some of the biggest clubs and festivals both in Miami and World Wide. You have also DJ’d private events for some major celebs. Tell the readers about that.

I have DJ’d so many private events and festivals over the years across the world. I’ve worked Private Events for Dwayne Wade, All Star Weekend, Miami Music week, Ultra Music Festival in 2017 and Private Event for Lebron James, Million Dollar Listening, Reunion Island Resort with Paris Hilton. I’ve had residencies across Miami – Residency Switzerland, Paris, Acapulco, Residencies at Mansion. Victoria’s Secret event,Winter Music Conference, Nike’s 11/11 Experience, Nike Super Bowl 2020, Launch Party, NBA LA Clipper Paul George’s Shoe Launch 2019, amongst other events.

You recently took your knowledge as a DJ and have now become of the most Sought after producers and A&R’s in the business. You recently signed a partnership with Fenatiq Music, along with Rockwell Talent. You also are a producer at Audio Vision Studios in Miami- a High End Boutique Style Studio for A list artists. Tell us about that.

As I said earlier the goals is to take this thing Global. I’m really just getting started. All of my years building my brand, networking with the right people, learning, investing in myself and studying relentlessly which has opened so many new doors for me. Fenatiq Music – which has a Major Distribution with Sony Music . I scout and develop new talent. And I am a partner with Jaycee Luis Fence. He broke a lot of artists in the music scene. He’s my partner. Artists looking to work with me and us can contact me by email.

Book Studio Session with DJEFX :


Congrats by the way! You just signed a major Partnership with Quiet Storm Vodka! That’s major!

Yeah- thank you! Big Shout out to QuietStorm Vodka. Go try their vodka Coco it’s really good.

Quiet Storm Vodka Website:

Follow on IG: @QuietStormVodka

You’re also about to Launch your Clothing Line. Where can we shop for that?

Shop The Collection:

OK Rapid Trivia – One word answers and no elaborating. Ready?

Who is the next Break out artist In the Miami Music Scene?

That’s Easy – Philly Mae Oct 30th Like it like It

You are standing in front of 2 doors with only 1 key . The door to the left goes to your past. The door to the right goes to your future. You get 24 hours behind either door. Which door do you open?


Sum up the current state of Hip Hop in just 1 word!

Growing- music is a vibe. You have to feel it

If you had the chance to make a hit record with any artist in the music industry, one dead one alive who do you pick?

Alive- Jay Z, Kanye West, Drake

Dead- Michael Jackson, Tupac

Who are your TOP 5 artists of ALL TIME Dead or Alive?

1. Biggie

2. Tupac

3. Jay-z

4. Kanye

5. Drake

Name one thing that you think even with all the riches and fame in the world that money will never buy:


You have a very supportive team! Shout the team out!

@iamfentz @fenatiqmusic @cesara8a @pillymae @trustetiquette @bossmotives_@rockwelltalent @heir_less @audiovisionstudios @bracefilms @vibe927miami

DJEFX- your HIGHLY ANTICIPATED single EAZY is out now! Tell the readers what can we expect from you after the world opens back up? Q: Where can our readers find you on social media? Plug yourself in so we know how to find you for features, collaborations, bookings, business inquiries and more interviews

I have more music and more videos are coming out soon like I said. I’m building my whole brand. You know- more interviews, more press, and music on the radio. More features with big artists. I’m gonna make the cross over to Reggaeton so stay tuned for that. I’m building my brand so making beats for other artists, booking studio and listening sessions. A&R . I’m working and making sure to see my vision come to life to you will see me come out of this pandemic BIGGER and BETTER than anything you have seen before. I’m going global.





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