Meet Yunaisy Morales, The Publicist That’s Synergizing Music Business And Mental Health

Yunaisy Morales (also known as Lovely Livewire) is a publicist based in Miami, Florida who has taken the PR world by storm with her revolutionary outlook on the importance of focusing on your mental health, as a human being first, then as an artist. “Most of the issues surrounding artists and their insecurities around their craft has to do with their unresolved internal issues – yes I focus on promotion and expansion for artists but allowing them to be human while we interact and get work done is essential to their expansion” expressed Yunaisy. Who is Yunaisy Morales and why is she qualified to determine such opinions? She is a publicist, writer, and entrepreneur in her own right and through her personal life experiences, she has gained a savvy perspective as to what can make an artist truly flourish if they simply choose to work on themselves.

She runs LIVEWIRE PR and also does Digital Marketing Management for the artist development and distribution company SaonMusic. “I enjoy looking at what an upcoming artist or bigger talent has at hand and strategizing the best possible outcome for them” exclaimed Yunaisy. Her personal pursuits in mental health and metaphysics have led her to put together a wellness community known as Selenite Soul. Selenite Soul’s purpose is to combine all aspects: music business, mental health, and metaphysics to inspire others to look within.  

I asked her why she felt so passionate about mental health and metaphysics being more prominent in the music industry she explained “through my personal testimony I can vouch that I know what it’s like to feel helpless, alone, like the world is against you – like all odds are against you, as a person who deals with anxiety as well, I have found that changing my mentality is what has helped me persevere past any variables in life – that wisdom is what I share with my audiences to reassure them they are not alone, things always get better.” Yunaisy Morales is currently working on a number of projects for artists like Jake Paul, Reddot550, and many more.

Stay tuned for much more to come from this music industry mogul on the rise!

Keep up with June Morales by following her on Instagram.

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