Meet Tiana Musarra: The Miami Based Songwriting Sensation That’s About to Officially Debut Her Highly Anticipated EP Odyssey

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Interview by: Kim Coco @Kimcoco17

Introduce yourself to our readers! Let them know your name, where you’re from & what you’re known for!

My name is Tiana Musarra. I’m from Long Island New York but I now live in Miami Florida. You guys probably know me from my modeling career, being an influencer on social media and having my YouTube BUT…. I’ve starting my music journey as a songwriter and I’m about to release my first EP with singer Kish.

Tiana! Tell the readers the name of that project and when we can expect for it to be released!

No official date as of yet but at the end of October I’m going to be debuting my EP which is called Odyssey with Netherlands based singer Kish. It’s got that R&B, hip-hop kind of vibe. There will be about 6-7 song on it. I’m really excited for it. I really put my heart and soul into this project.

You and singer Kish worked exclusively on this EP. Tell the readers about working with him. How did you 2 come to connect? This isn’t your first project either.

Well, really interesting story actually. About a year ago Kish had emailed me one of his songs and asked me if I would promote it. When I heard it I was like “WOW! This is incredible.” His voice is just amazing and so different. So I said yes and I promoted it because I really believed in what he was doing with his music and the song. Fast forward to a few months later when I started songwriting and creating this EP, I wanted to work with a singer that would get what I was writing and be able put the feeling into the lyrics. Set the tone and get the vibe of it. When I started looking into different artists, something just clicked and I remembered Kish because I genuinely loved his voice. So I reached back out to him and asked if he would be interested in singing the vocals, the lyrics on the EP. Interesting enough he had emailed me that same morning. He said yes. I sent him the song and it came out absolutely amazing. The song is called FLUID. I actually have never released it. That song is about being with someone and it just moves so fluidly and naturally. Meaning when you are with someone and you don’t have to try so hard. I’ll probably release it one day soon. He’s also one of my best friends. Kish lives in the Netherlands but we talk almost every day. The reason why it works so well with us is because we have a lot of the same creative ideas and we just get each other. We also really trust each other. He understands my vision and brings the song to life.

Hi Kish! Thanks for joining us all the way from the Netherlands. Introduce yourself our readers! Tell us a little about yourself and what’s it like to working with Tiana’s. You sing all on this whole EP!

My name is Kish. I’m 21 years old and I’m from the Netherlands. Music has always been a passion for me but I started taking it more seriously since the start of this year (2020). This is also the same time I connected with Tiana. I love making music with Tiana because we have the same taste and we can really work together well. I really focus on the melodies and flows when it comes to creating songs. Tiana is more focused on creating the story and writing the song. The only thing that makes it a bit harder to work at times is the time difference which is 6 hours. But besides that, everything is always going well and I’m so excited for you all to hear the EP.

Tiana, how would you describe the sound and vibe of your EP Odyssey?

I would say Odyssey has an R&B feel to it with some a hip hop, pop. The whole EP is that smooth, feel good type of vibe. It’s the type of EP you listen to when you’re driving down and open road, looking at city lights or in a vibe driving. Something you put on when you’re with someone you like to set the tone. Light some candles. There are some songs to dance to and some things that may make you feel something.

When did you start writing music? Did something or someone spark your interest?

About 3 years ago I started writing poems and I had a friend who did music at the time. So writing and seeing my friend pursue music kind of inspired me. I just thought that if I can put my all into my writing, I can turn my poem into songs and the music will bring it all to life. At first, I wasn’t sure how to execute putting out a song but Kish has mentored me and taught me lot. I’m thankful for him to that.

I listened to your single “Heaven” and the lyrics are deep. As a songwriter, when you write, do you wear your heart on your sleeve?

(Laughs) Absolutely. 100 percent. I feel that music is where I let out most of my emotions. I am more of the type of person to just go with the flow and not really talk about how I’m feeling but I am a very emotional person and music has been that outlet. Everything I have written about has been something personal or an experience that has happened to me. So yeah.

Heaven Lyrics “If I left and went to heaven/ Would you regret the love you never let in/ God gave us a few lessons/ Now let’s not waste this blessing”

Odyssey your first project. Drop the names of those other projects so the readers can check those out too.

Nervous, Take it, Heaven, Lately, Colombia Stream Tiana Musarra


You are not only the songwriter to the music, also appear in all of the music videos to the songs you write.

Yes! So far I’ve done 2 music videos- Colombia and Lately. I feel like a music video gives the visual story to the song. I guess because I’ve written the lyrics I know what feeling I want the song to give off and feel like. The visual to reflect the feeling. If Kish was closer I would put him in the video too.

You and Kish created a song called Columbia and it went viral immediately 100 K streams and even hit radio and went viral.

So crazy because the back story to that song was me picturing myself driving in Miami and someone just eying or staring at me. I’m half Colombian by the way. I wrote the hook and within 24 hour me and Kish put that out. It’s crazy because the fans loved it and it went viral really quick.


Music Video:

Do you remember where you were and what you were doing the very first time you ever heard your song on the radio? Do you remember who played it?

Yes! The first time I heard my song on the radio I was in my brothers car pulling up to my house and when it came on, my parents uncle and aunt all came outside and we were all so excited. DJ Stacks was the first person to play my song on Shade45. Big thank you to him for making that moment happen.

You are sponsored by and work with some pretty amazing brands. Tell the readers who you are sponsored by! And are you looking to work with others?

I’ve work with some amazing brands. I believe in all of them. Oh Polly, Bang Energy, Fashionova, Honey bum, Princess Polly, Bo+Tee, OMG Swimwear, Hot Miami Styles, HMNALNS, Blue Body Brazil , Box Med Spa would be open to more sponsors. Mainly I look into what they stand for and if they are truly passionate for the brand.

Tiana, have a heavy faith in your religion. How does your faith impact / inspire you as an artist and woman?

My faith is probably the most important thing in my life. It’s something that is inspires me on a personal level and even with the music. I couldn’t be where I am now without it. I don’t judge other woman and what they chose to do but as a Catholic woman, I pray about everything and I trust that God will lead me in the right direction even if it doesn’t make sense in the moment. I also listen to a lot of gospel music and get inspired by that as well.

Tiana, you live in Florida now but you’re originally from Long Island NY, so tell the readers what’s one thing about New York that you miss but one thing you love about Miami?

Miss about NY? Oh that’s easy! The Food! ( laughs)

Love about Florida? That you can drive one hour in either direction and find yourself in a totally new and different place. The weather, the beaches. It’s beautiful all year.

You have been an influencer and model since 2019. What has been your most viral moment to date?

OMG swimwear try on haul video has been my most viral to date

OK Tiana, Rapid Trivia – One word answers and no elaborating. Ready?

Describe the current state of Hip Hop in only 1 word!

hmmmm SPICY!

If you could make a Hit record with any 2 artists in the industry- one dead and one alive who do you pick?

Dead- The Temptations, even though I believe Otis Williams is the only one still alive

Alive- Drake or Brett Young

Who are your TOP 5 R&B singers of ALL TIME?

Well in no particular order, I’m going to go with

1. After 7

2. Tevin Campbell

3. Chris brown

4. Mase

5. PND

What is something that you think even with all the riches & fame in the world that money will never ever buy?


If you could walk NYC & Paris Fashion Week for just one designer who do you pick?

GUCCI because its Italian and I’m half Italian

You are standing in front of 2 doors. The door to the left goes to your past. The door to the right goes to your future. You get 24 hours behind just one door. Which door are you opening?

The right Because I don’t like to look back. The past is there for a reason and don’t want to revisit it. I think it’s important to truly LIVE in the present and enjoy where you are.

OK – This part is called – Do you believe in? Yes or No responses only

Santa Clause- yes

Aliens- no

Big Foot- no

Life after Death– yes

Ghosts- yes

Timing- yes

A Power Higher than you– yes

Miracles- yes

Magic- yes

Love at first site- yes

Soulmates- yes

Tiana Musarra Do You Believe In Yourself?– yes

Who is the team of people that motivate, mentor and inspire you?

Since I don’t have music management the people who mentor me and inspire me are really my parents, my brother, Kish, Stacks, Jahkoy and Cpdub. Everyone mentioned is really like family and the only ones who are really loud about their support & give me honest advice. I trust them.

Tiana Musarra, Your EP Odyssey ft Kish is almost out! Where can our readers find you on social media? Plug yourself in so we know how to find you for features, collaborations, interviews and all things YOU!

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