Meet Acosta Park: The Run it Up Recordings Artist Getting Ready to Debut His Singles “Ain’t Nobody” & “Perfecta”

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By Kim Coco

Introduce yourself to our readers! Let them know your name, where you’re from & the name of the projects you’re about to drop!

What’s up Hip Hop Weekly Magazine?! My name is Acosta Park, also known as Manny out of the East New York section of Brooklyn. I’m an artist signed to Run it Up Recordings. I’m about to drop my 2 newest singles back to back entitled Ain’t Nobody and Perfecta so make sure you go check them out. Both will be out in the next few weeks on all platforms!

Acosta Park, as you said you’re getting ready to debut your 2 highly anticipated singles this spring and the industry is already buzzing over them. Without spilling too many secrets, tell the readers what we can expect from Ain’t Nobody and Perfecta!

Both singles I think will surprise the fans. One thing about being a musician that I pride myself on is that I like to remain unpredictable. Ain’t Nobody is my version of the 1983 Chaka Khan classic that I put my own twist. I wanted to bring that old school feeling into the 21st Century. Another thing I will say is that on Ain’t Nobody I sing in both Spanish and English. It’s my very own Latin meets R&B meets Pop version of the classic. The next single I’m getting ready to debut is “Perfecta” which is due out later in April and – Man what can I say about this one? It’s a Latin/ R&B / meets pop vibe. OH! And it’s a love song that you can dance to. I can’t give away ALL my secrets!

Stream Acosta Park’s Music Below!

I listened to Perfecta and read through the lyrics. In the song you say: See the sunlight in your eyes/ See so many Girls/ Nobody Got it Like you So Acosta -is this song based on a true story?

The song is a love story but the girl broke my heart and I’m ok with that lol I’m happy now

Acosta! You were discovered when you were just 14 years old in NYC while performing at NYC’s Waldorf Astoria Hotel. It’s there that you were scouted by music execs and signed to an all boy band where you went on to tour all over the globe. Tell the fans about your start in music and getting discovered!

As a teen I was going through some family issues. My dad wasn’t around and mother was doing her best to take care of us by herself. I’ve always loved music, and singing – being a creator always came natural to me. With my dad gone and having a single mom- I felt like I needed a side hustle so I started singing at hotels throughout NYC while still in high school. Truancy actually picked me up because I was just 14 at the time. One day when I was performing at The Waldorf Astoria Hotel I was discovered by 2 Music Execs who scouted me for a Boy Band. They loved me and wanted me to join 4 other musicians where I would begin touring throughout Sweden. Of course my mother said no. I was only 14. So I ran away to Boston pursue my music career. Eventually my mother agreed to let me go and I was flown out to Sweden with 4 other kids from Brooklyn where we made up the 5 member boy band. We were called “The Shy Lovers”- LOL. We were really popular overseas and during that time I toured places likes Sweden, Amsterdam, Norway, all throughout Europe, London, all across the US, LA, Las Vegas Massachusetts. When I turned 18 the band had separated and each of us went on to pursue our solo careers.

What has been your most viral single to date?

My most viral single to date is most definitely Pink Lemonade. That record was featured on stations like Power 105, Hot 97. Watch Pink Lemonade Below!

How did you get the name Acosta Park?

I got the name Acosta Park because Acosta is my last name so thanks to my ancestors but park came from being homeless and it’s a place where I spent most of my nights writing music. On top of a big rock in Central Park

You have performed in some of the biggest Nightclubs in NYC, opened for Travis Scott, Boyz 2 men and even have been a guest at the NYC Puerto Rican Parade and The 116 Street Puerto Rican Festival. Tell the readers about that!

Yes- I did both festival and opened for both Travis Scott and Boyz 2 Men. But wow- I’ve performed at some many nightclubs. Greenhouse, Marquee, Ten June, Griffin, M2 Ultra Lounge, Opium, Dream, performed at Iconic NYC night clubs such as 1 Oak, UP and Down, Greenhouse.

The thing that makes you the wildcard is that you are bilingual and have not boxed yourself into one genre. Describe your sound and style for our readers.

I consider myself my own genre. I would describe myself as a musician as Latin meets R&B meets Pop meets Hip Hop and Soul. I’m unpredictable as a creator and there is no other musician creating the sound or style I am trying to bring forth to the industry at the moment.

Acosta Park- What’s your creative process like when making music?

It’s always different depending on my mood, the vibe and what I’m going through at that moment in my life. Some of my best work comes from not planning. Just feeling inspired by something or someone – I can step into the booth with no pen no paper- I and just create right then and there off the top of my head based on what I am feeling.

You have a very solid and supportive team at Run it Up Recordings. Shout the team out!

I love everyone at Run it up!! Scotty Stylin aka The light, Mary the Goddess, Bamby H20 aka The wind catcher, Robbi aka The reason, Sam aka equestrian pioneer, Whookid also known as The watcher and Justin aka Golden Sandles


Let’s do it!

Sum up the current state of Hip Hop using just 1 word!


Whose got the best Pizza in East NY?

Tony’s Pizza in Bushwick

If you could make a hit record with any artist in the industry- one artist Dead and one Alive, who would you put on that track ?

Dead: Pop Smoke

Alive: Rhianna

Who are your TOP 5 artists of ALL TIME Dead or Alive?

Usher, Justin Timberlake, Chris Brown., Drake, Sam Smith

Name one thing you think that even with all the riches and fame in the world, Money will still never buy?


If you could walk NYC & Paris Fashion week for one designer who do you pick?

Hugo Boss

You walk down a long hallway and at the end you come to meet 2 doors. The door to the left goes to your past. The door to your right goes to the future. You get 24 hours behind either day. Which door are you opening?

The future- because I don’t look back

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