Meet The K.i.D. (King In Distress) The Next Pop-R&B Star

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The K.i.D.

Introduce yourself to our readers, let them know your name and where you’re from.

 The K.i.D. (King In Distress). I was born in Charlotte, but Jersey City, NJ &. Queens, NY is home for me. 

Why did you start to do music?

As typical as it sounds… I started making music due to a bad break up. I know super cliché. But at the time I was going through so much mentally, and I was just ANGRY… So I started writing and singing more. It was therapeutic honestly. From there I just started recording at this small little studio at friends house in Jacksonville, NC. Rest is history. 

What do you do with your free time?

Honestly sing. Write music. Play video games, it really just depends on my mood honestly. I’m flexible with what I do in my spare time. 

Have you had another career that wasn’t in the music industry?

Nope. When I was younger I wanted to join the military, but that never went through obviously. But I always knew deep down I wanted to be something big, and major to the world. 

If you could get advice from any artist in the industry, who would it be and why?

Chris Brown. A lot of people give him shit, but honestly that’s my fucking idol. Dude’s a legend, and seeing how despite everything people throw at him he’s still going and dropping music, dancing, touring, all that… It’s incredible. I hope to follow that same path, and have someone like him to guide me. 

What or who influences your music?

What influences my music? I would have to say my passion, and my anger. It’s like some Star Wars Sith type shit when I make music, like I got all these emotions and anger is just the projection of it. But when I start writing and singing, you see the true emotion behind the anger. Who influences my music? I mean I listen to a lot of people. But, I would have to say top 3… Chris Brown, Tory Lanez and The Weeknd. 

What’s the process of creating music for you?

I’m not a producer, but I am a song writer! Meaning for me when I make music, I usually go searching for beats on YouTube for HOURS! Select a few beats I really like, roll a blunt, and just vibe to the music. It’s really like for me, if I can imagine the hook before I grab that pen it’s over. Sometimes I can even hear a verse before the hook/chorus, it really just depends. I go with the flow. 

Has anyone helped you or guided you in getting your foot in the industry?

A few people. But to be honest, being in this industry it’s kill or be killed. Not literally though. But it seems a lot of the time, major stuff is on the line. You just gotta pay attention to energies, and know who to trust.

Have you ever released an album?

I’m actually in current production of a few projects. Can’t say if it’s an album, EP or mixtape! But follow me and stay locked in and you’ll find out VERY VERY soon. 

Tell our readers what to look out for next from you.

I’ve started my own record label; Next Generation Entertainment Movement (N-GEM) Music, LLC. We’re based out of Virginia, and we plan to be the “Tesla” of the music industry! Ushering in a new era of record labels, ran by artists for artists! 

Are you currently on any tours or have any future shows booked?

I have a few shows coming up in the summer in Virginia, stay tuned in with me on social media to find out when! 

How can promoters looking to book you get in contact with you?

You can contact me by phone: 9106502009, or by email:

What do you hope to get out of your involvement in the music industry?

I hope in my next 10 years in this game, is to become not only just a major superstar, but also a powerful CEO that ushers in a new era for the music industry. It’s time the power comes back to artists, and not executives who have never written a bar, lyric, or produce a hit. Aside from that your boy wants hella plaques and grammy’s!



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