Meet Staten Island Very Own DJ Nicky Rizz. The Newest Member of the World Famous DJs Heavy Hitters Crew

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By Kim Coco

Introduce yourself to our readers. Let them know your name and where you’re from!

What’s the vibes! I’m DJ Nicky Rizz from Staten Island, NY. I’ve been a DJ since I’m 12 years old. I started in Staten Island as a DJ but I eventually branched out and so now- most people know me as DJ Nicky Rizz –nightclub DJ at some of the biggest and hottest nightclubs in and around NYC ,NJ, Vegas , Atlantic City and even Florida area.

So DJ Nicky Rizz, in Dec something major happened with your DJ career and you’re about to give me the exclusive on that announcement! Without any further a due, please tell our readers what is this major announcement you’re about to make! DRUMROLL PLEASE!

Soooo…….. on Dec 31, 2019, DJ Nicky Rizz was OFFICIALLY inducted into the World Famous Heavy Hitters DJ Crew which is the Famous DJ Group based out of NYC but is known WORLD WIDE .EVERYWHERE. There are 81 Heavy Hitter DJs in the crew and yeah- I’m one of the newest Heavy Hitters. Crazy exciting.

How old are you now?

DJ Nicky Rizz : 24 years old

You’re one of the youngest & newest Heavy Hitters but you have been spinning records & DJing since you’re just 12 years old. What led you to start DJing in the first place? Did someone or something spark your interest?

That’s a great question. Yes! When I was 11 years old I was on a cruise ship and l’ll never forget seeing the DJ on the ship making the crowd go CRAZY. I remember seeing the crowd of people and watching the DJ and how he had everyone on that ship just going wild and having such a great time. I said to myself “Ok. I want to do this one day”. And I meant it.

SO DJ Nicky Rizz, you have a close relationship with DJ Camilo who is the VP of the Heavy Hitters DJs. You actually credit him as being one of your mentors and have even told me that he is like an older brother to you. Tell the readers how you were introduced to Camilo, how you got the opportunity to work exclusively with him, & the rest of the Heavy Hitters Family?

Yes. DJ Camilo is probably one of the biggest influences and mentors I’ve looked up to even before I met him. Still now during my career he is my mentor and nothing can change that. He is someone I truly aspire to be like one day. Even though I am now officially a Heavy Hitter DJ, I still and will always look up to him. He is someone that has taken me under his wing and has really been a positive influence and role model for me. He is someone I have always been able to go to for anything. But the way we had originally connected is – DJ Camilo was DJing at a Teen Night in Staten Island when I was just 15 years old. The place was called Eve Ultra Lounge. I met him and we took a picture together that night. Fast forward to when I turned about 17- 18 years old, I started getting booked like crazy for clubs and venues in Staten Island. And at the time DJ Camilo and I happen to get booked together at a lot of those places. Tiki Island and Mr. Chow would have these big brunches and parties that we would both DJ at, and I always would watch him and how he would DJs his sets. He has a way of bringing the energy to a crowd in a different and crazy exciting way. And so working with him over time – we just eventually- our relationship just grew from there. Growing up and even till now, I was always tuned into the radio listening to him- on his prime time spot on Hot 97 thinking I want to be in his spot one day. I have looked up to him since I’m a kid, since I’m like 12- 13 yrs old and so to have Camilo mentor me is something I am grateful for.

Tell the readers 3 things that you have learned over the years from DJ Camilo that you have applied to your own career.

1. Camilo has a CRAZY mic game and his energy alone gets the crowd going every single time. I use to be afraid to talk on the mic so I ordered a Microphone off amazon and I would literally practice being an MC by talking into the Mic – but to my wall. That’s how I built my confidence actually. By practicing everyday my MC skills to the wall in my room. LOL

2. Sometimes Camilo does 4 different clubs in one night and every time his sets are always different. Each club or venue he shows up at, he always plays different music. That has taught me that when you do get multiple bookings and the way to get them is – you need to read the crowd and feel their vibe and then you play your music from there. You adjust to your crowd and the environment.

3. And Obviously his whole radio career. He is the Top radio DJ in NYC and he has a huge following, his fans. His success.

“I always liked Nicky as a DJ & person and have co- signed him as a heavy hitter because he actually reminded me of myself back in the day. Humble, Showing up at every club and wanting to DJ and always ready to learn. A lot of the new DJs are missing that hard work factor and wanting to learn for the win. I saw that in Nicky and that made me co-sign him for the heavy hitters” DJ Camilo on working with Nicky

Nicky, take the readers back to Dec 31 2019. How did you find out you were going to officially be inducted into the Heavy Hitters Family? Who informed you and how were you told? What exactly went through your head when you found out they wanted you to be a heavy hitter? That must have been a moment!

So in November I was DJing a club in Jersey with him and he just turned and said to me…”Hey -would you be down to join the Heavy Hitters?” And my mouth sorta dropped. I was pretty shocked almost not even sure I heard him right. I was speechless. But I looked at him and said “Of Course!” and my mind was going crazy that whole night! He text me the following Sunday and asked me to meet with him and DJ Enuff the President of the Heavy Hitters. So I met with them. I can’t give all the details of the meeting but when I left there they told me they would talk amongst themselves and get back to me. On Christmas day Camilo text me Merry Christmas and said email me your pic and logo. So I did. But it was Dec 31, 2019, New Year’s Eve actually , Camilo put on his Instagram “WARNING ! NYC tune in today to Hot 97 at 4:30pm. There have been some great DJs this year”. So I’m tuned in and all my people are tuned at 4:30pm to Camilo on Hot 97. And right then and there- LIVE on NYC Radio, on the biggest hip hop station on Earth… Hot 97 , DJ Camilo introduced me to the world and announced “DJ NICKY RIZZ IS OFFICIALLY DOWN WITH THE GANG GANG!” I couldn’t believe it. My mom was actually crying when she heard it. I thought I gave her a heart attack.

Your credentials are CRAZY!! You just became one of the newest and youngest members of the Heavy Hitters, you’ve spun records during the Monday night shade 45 set with the rest of the HH family, you’re also a major club DJ with the Dream Hospitality in NYC and have been the guest and even resident DJ at countless nightclubs in Miami, Vegas, NJ , Atlantic City ! Tell us some nightclubs and events you have been the guest or resident DJ at!

Oh wow. Ive DJ-ed at so many especially for Dream Hospitality but Bounce NYC, DARE Atlantic City, Wall which is the 4th best club in Miami, Mister East NJ, Society NJ, AVENUE, UP & DOWN, Headliners NJ, Vegas Hard Rock Pool Party.

During the Lockdown , instead of waiting on the world to open up, you decided to make good use of your time and talent and so on July 31 you will be dropping your first ever single “AY PAPI” on all platforms! That record is FIRE by the way! Tell the readers a little bit about your creative process with this record & describe it for the readers a bit!

During Quarantine I couldn’t sit around anymore so I decided to lock myself into a studio and I created my first ever record. A Guaracha record –which is a very hot genre of Cuban music right now. It’s called AY Papi. The horns on this song are CRAZY. I think when the world opens back up and the clubs open up, people are going to go crazy for this one. I have 2 more songs that I am working on now but I have a feeling AY Papi is gonna go hard. My main goal is to release one song a month!

DJ Nicky without spilling all the family secrets, can you tell us the culture of the Heavy Hitters Crew?

The Heavy Hitters Family isn’t just a DJ Crew. They are a family. We are all brothers and sisters and we look out for each other. We all fully support each other and have each other’s back. There are Heavy Hitters in countless states that I look forward to meeting one day. DJ Wallah is another Heavy Hitter whose success has really skyrocketed . Especially during the Quarantine because of how he thought outside the box and does his IG Events. Shout out to DJ Enuff and DJ Camilo for creating and building such a successful DJ Crew over the past 20 years. DJ Enuff , the President of The Heavy Hitters Crew is someone I truly look up to because of what he has created with the World Wide Famous Heavy Hitters family. DJ Enuff is the President of Hot 97 too and because of his success and reputation of being the best, I hope to be exactly where he is one day. Hopefully.

“They things that really sets DJ Nicky Rizz apart from the rest and has helped him become a heavy hitter -is his drive and determination to be great. He is a perfect fit with the heavy hitter DJ crew because it wasn’t about what Heavy Hitters can do for him, it was about what Nicky Rizz can do for the crew. We are happy to have him”- DJ Wallah

Name 3 songs that you know when you will play them , will make the crowd go crazy?

1. The Box by Roddy Rich

2. Work Remix by Asap Ferg

3. All I Do is Win- DJ Khaled

DJ Nicky Rizz what is your favorite Genre of Music ?

HIP HOP! That’s easy

Who are your TOP 5 artists of all time Dead or Alive?

This is Hard. WOW! Let me think about this one…. Ok I’m going to go with…..

1. Jay Z

2. 50 Cent

3. Lil Baby

4. Pop Smoke

5. Biggie Smalls

Can we expect to see your name headlining any big music festivals in the future?

That’s the plan, the Goal. I would love to Headline any music festivals in the future and travel around the globe repping the World Famous Heavy Hitter DJ Crew by bringing that heat.

What advice would you have for someone wanting to follow in your footsteps of becoming a Heavy Hitter DJ?

I would say make sure you go out and socialize. Market yourself. Make sure you put yourself in the right situations to be seen and network yourself! Remember – Out of Sight out of Mind. Introduce yourself to everyone at the clubs/ venues from the DJs to the promoters, down to even the security! But most importantly – be yourself.

A lot of people who know you have said you made famous the saying “ YOU KNOW THE VIBES!” So Nicky, where did that come from and what exactly does that mean!! LOL

LOL, I don’t know if I was the one to actually make it famous but yes! It means- You know the Vibes. It’s a good thing. Means I’m sending out good vibes, positive feelings and good energy!

If you could have a 1 hour conversation with anyone in the industry dead or alive who do you pick?

Definitely DJ Khaled!

So on July 31 “Ay Papi” will finally release and be available on all platforms, you have just been crowned one of the newest Heavy Hitters DJs, Shade 45 Guest DJ on The Heavy Hitters line up, nightclubs, music festivals! DJ Nicky Rizz please tell the readers what can we expect from you when the world opens back up?!

Music festivals, more records in the works! More music, more venues across the Globe.. I’m so excited to get back to work and rock these clubs and travel. Grow myself as a DJ and a Brand. My goal one day is for you all to hear me on prime time radio saying “ Heavy Hitters Suckas!”

Where can our readers find you on social media? Plug yourself in so we know how to find you for features, collaborations and all things DJ Nicky Rizz .



To Purchase Beats, Music Inquires, and for all Bookings :



Twitter: @DJNickyRizz


New Single: “AY PAPI” available for download on all platforms 7/31/2020!

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