Meet Splash Rob The Iconic DJ Who Turned his City of Cleveland Ohio into One of Biggest Party Places on The Map

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Interview By: Kim Coco

Introduce yourself to our readers! Let them know your name, where you’re from & the name of the project you dropped!

What’s up! My name is Splash Rob, aka “Party wit Splash” out of Cleveland, Ohio. I just dropped my latest single Right Now out on all platforms so make sure you check that out!

Splash Rob, you have debuted your HIGHLY ANTICIPATED single “Right Now” which is #25 on rap Mix Show radio charts. It’s one of the most requested songs on radio, and all the (strip) clubs. It’s already hit almost 50k streams independently and has even been featured in an independent film based out of Cleveland Ohio entitled “Heights Girl 2”. It’s gone VIRAL! Why do you think that is?

Hell yeah- the people seem to love that track since its debut. It’s been trending since its release and the most requested song in all the nightclubs, all the strip clubs, the mix shows and the radio airwaves. It’s been named the Strip Club Anthem of 2020 according to the people and the freaks fuck with it (laughs!). It’s currently #25 on the Rap Mix Show radio charts. It’s that type of song that sets the tone for the night, which you can most definitely expect will be a party which is what I’m known for. Right Now is featured in the film “Heights Girl 2” which is #1 in independent Black Cinema

Stream Right Now:

Is it true you also helped produce that film and have a cameo in it too?

Yeah right at the end of the film, during the closing scene! And yeah- I helped produce it too.

Height Girls 2 Trailer:

Splash Rob, In Cleveland Ohio you are known for far more than being an award winning DJ, Artist and Event/ Club Promoter. You’re known as the Gatekeeper for all things Music and Entertainment. Tell the readers what else you do.

I’m a DJ and an artist, a manager, a producer- I run a fully functioning Music studio in the city with a production crew, a clothing designer, exotic car rentals and event creator and organizer to some of the biggest parties and concerts with A list headliners that Cleveland has ever seen. In 2019 I was the winner of the Best Strip Club DJ, Best Club promoter and Host 2016, 2017 and 2018. I’m also Brand Specialist, Graphic Designer, party host,

RIGHT NOW isn’t your first project. You have put out some other Viral projects too! Plug those in so we can check those out!

I’ve done 3 mixtapes actually, LOL. That’s my most viral project. My second project is Swag on a Table from 2011. And Party Pack. I also have put out a bunch of singles. I’m Geeked off Party Pack & Independent were selected to be in HWIC FILMWORKS “Heights Girl” series which is now a Movie. The Viral Hit “Thot Scotch” & Doggin with Dame.B & Guttaman which also features the legendary OG Ron C. I was also featured on Dame.B mixtape called Hollaluyah twice.

A big part of your music career has been spent in the Nightclub scene throwing some of the BIGGEST and WILDEST parties, concerts and events Cleveland Ohio has ever seen. You have also DJ’d events for some major celebs. Tell the readers who you have worked with and what parties you’ve done!

Yeah in 2012 I organized and brought Future out to Cleveland for first time here. I actually promoted that concert and organized the whole thing down to the ticket sales. I brought the Twerk Team here in Cleveland as well the same year. I worked with DollaBoy of playaz circle, Kat Washington from Bad Girls Club Jocelyn Hernadez from Love & hip hop & Ty Dolla $ign & we took shots of bacardi 151 when everybody in Taylor Gang drinks bombay. I helped organize and promote for Ray Jr. at Tops N Bottoms when he had special events. Most recently I Dj’d when Da Baby came to Cleveland at his first concert here for Will The Genaral’s Set @ Odeon fka Club Earth. Headlined the Ohio Hip Hop Awards, I even hosted a Reggae Event W/ Jamaican Megastar “Masicka” and I was even reposted by the infamous Akademiks. I designed a Free Doeboy shirt that even Future wore himself. I brought Eastside Ivo to Cleveland his 1st time. Right before the pandemic started I promoted our last big concert here which featured Lil Baby & Gunna. I threw a Epic basketball tournament w/Sharky of RBMG Had the whole park SMACKING!!! Promoted my favorite artist Gucci Mane concert at Agora. I’ve had several notable weekly nights in the city every week like XL Thursday’s, Premier Fridays Anatomy Saturdays & Anatomy Sundays Legacy Dollar night all of 2019 & started the year off with one of the best showcases called “Holladay Season” in December. I also threw the BIGGEST STRIPPER PARTY EVER IN Cleveland last year called “Stripper Bowl” at Legacy as well. I almost forgot to mention I dj’d a fashion show that was big too called “Drip The Runway”


How can the readers interested in throwing an event or show In Cleveland get in contact with you?

Anyone that is interested can contact me directly and send an inquiry to my email.


How did you get the name Party Wit Splash anyway?

The people gave me that name because I am the party. When something BIG is going on I’m who they come to with questions or use to having parts on the function here in Cleveland Ohio. They named me that years ago because they say “Ain’t a Party Without Splash”

I heard that Akademiks posted you to his social media and you’ve been Co-signed by some of the biggest in the game such as OG Ron C, Dj Swamp Izzo, Dj Chuck T Incognito & even Soulja Boy.

Yeah all them guys! OG RON C & I actually have a whole mixtape done thats unreleased after I let ‘em actually hear my music from my vault we been rockin ever since for real. A song thats out that he’s featured on is called “Doggin” with my brothers Dame.B & Guttaman Stream Doggin:

Splash Rob, tell the readers what ‘s been your most viral moment is to date?

Oh yeah- my birthday. We shut the whole city down For Real For Real! No big name celebrities on a flyer just me, I turned my birthday celebration at The Dstrkt Club into a MOVIE. That bitch was packed from wall to wall!! That video was all real! No acting.

Splash Rob Shuts Down the City with EPIC Birthday Bash:

You are also one of the owners of Holla Studios – a Full Production Music Studio in Cleveland Ohio –where you produce, mix , master , book studio time and album release parties, listening sessions, have exotic car rental and a full Production team to film videos. You also offer artist development and help get their records broken in the clubs and on radio too. Plug in your studio so that those interested in booking with you can contact you.

@hollastudios216 – we are located in Cleveland, Ohio. We are a one stop shop for everything like you said and right next door in the same parking lot is my store front boutique.

DEW IT DESIGNZ LLC– 12914 BROADWAY AVE GARFIELD HEIGHTS OHIO MON-FRI 11a-6p SAT 12p-5p 216-937-5115 @Dewitdesignz

Splash Rob, you also manage breakout R&B artist Marlo LaShawn and are the official DJ of Will The Genaral & Dame B? Plug in their socials so the readers can check them out too!

Follow: @willthegenaral @DameBofficial & @Marlo.Lashawn follow @AERich too he’s the co-owner & face of Dew it Designz

So Splash! Your latest single Right Now is out now on all platforms! Tell the readers what can we expect from you after the world opens back up?

Once the world opens up and we can have big events again I’m going back to doing what I love except bigger and better. I miss it and I know the people be missing me for real. They tell me all the time.

Some things I have in the works are the official music video for Right Now & some projects in the works with Beat King, K Stylis, Lil Ronny MothaF & Erica banks for big name artists, as well as in-house collabs with Dame.B & Marlo Lashawn

OK Rapid Trivia – One word answers and no elaborating. Ready?

Name the next Break out artist In the Cleveland Music Scene?


You are standing in front of 2 doors with only 1 key . The door to the left goes to your past. The door to the right goes to your future. You get 24 hours behind either door. Which door do you open?


Sum up the current state of Hip Hop in just 1 word!

1 word: Complex

If you had the chance to make a hit record with any artist in the music industry, one dead one alive who do you pick?

Alive – Post Malone

Dead – Michael Jackson

Who are your TOP 5 artists of ALL TIME Dead or Alive?

Gucci Mane, Master P, 50 Cent, Soulja Boy, T-pain

Favorite Old School:


Favorite New School:

Gucci mane

Who do you think are the best talent to come out of Cleveland Ohio?

Best talent: MGK, Kid Cudi, Bone Thugs & Harmony Big Mucci & Gerald Levert but the best is yet to come to surface because Cleveland has alot popping underground artists to tell the truth

Name one thing that you think even with all the riches and fame in the world that money will never buy:


You have a very supportive team! Shout the team out!

My team: 1st off Long Live my bro’s Dan, Keith, Meech, Nucci, Von & Man Man! My family Dame.B, AE Rich, Will The Genaral Ron Engineering, Orlando McCall, Skillz The Barber, Smiley Art Genius & Cassandra The Airbrush Goddess ( they the best airbrush artists in the WORLD, Craig! ) Marlo Lashawn, Smoke Hogan, Chuck The World, Eazzy Bankz, Elvis Freshly, Bully Cashtro, Big Bony, Train gotta shout My hood Harvard Ave & everybody UTW that been riding with me since jump, all the DJ’s that genuinely support my record & keep me in their rotation like all the chapters of Coalition Djs, the Fleet Djs & Nerve Djs. Midwest Mally & Dj Trill out of Columbus, Ohio Everybody that owns some Partywitsplash Merch And/or pull up to my events is apart of my team as well what i got going on is built on a solid foundation of support & without their support I wouldn’t be motivated to go as hard as I do for as long as I have To Keep the masses jumping, the twerkers twerkin and the bartenders & exotic dancers making money!

Where can our readers find you on social media? Plug yourself in so we know how to find you for features, collaborations, interviews and all things you!


IG: @PartyWitSplash (all social media)



Facebook tywitsplash/

Twitter itsplash


YouTube –

Snapchat – @PartywitSplash

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