Meet Rayyy Rayyy! The Viral Instagram Comedian From The South Bronx Who Won The Pandemic of 2020

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By: Kim Coco

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Introduce yourself to our readers! Let them know your name, where you’re from and how we all know you!

My Name is Rayyy Rayyy. I’m from The South Bronx, Morris Ave to be exact. And most of y’all would know me from Instragram. I’m a comedian. I’m also an artist. I make music too

Rayyy Rayyy Big Congratulations are in order! 2020 was a really BIG year for you. When the world was practically at a stand -still from the pandemic, you instead went viral. You gained over 100K followers. The People of New York are calling you The Voice of The Streets. Talk of the Town crowned you Comedian of the Year and you even had a Billboard up in Times Squares. So tell us, what’s that been like for you? Your rise to fame?

Yeah……Wow. Thank you. Honestly –when you put it that way, I haven’t really been able to get used to it. Like- I haven’t really been able to get use to that “fame” like you said. You get what I’m saying? But all that stuff, like The Billboard and Comedian of the Year, it makes me want to work even harder so I can have even more. It’s sparked that fire in me and now I’m just hungry. It made me realize that the more I work and put into this, the more doors are opening for me and I’m not satisfied just yet. All of the love and all of the wins have showed me what I really can accomplish.

New York City is calling you The Voice of The Streets right now. What do you think about that?

That’s really love. You know, like a year ago nobody really knew who I was. No one could match the face to the name and nobody was recognizing me in the street the way they do now. Going from ya know, a funny kid from the South Bronx to now having New York calling me The Voice of the Streets…..I ain’t gonna lie -that right there is love. But now that I got this platform and people are actually paying attention, I plan to do some good with it too. I’m still gonna make my jokes and do my comedy skits but I also want to give back. I look at it like I’ve been given this blessing and I want to do something positive with it so in the future I would love to give back to the kids of this city. Especially the kids that might be going through something or the ones struggling and the kids that aren’t doing that great in school. I want to give those kids a reason to do better, to get better grades , to stay in school and reward them when they do good instead of just being one of those people who only notices when they are doing bad. Like positive reinforcement to stay in school and get your education because I’d be lying to you if I told you I wasn’t one of those kids back in the day. Who knows? Maybe things would have been a little different for me if I had something like that to look forward to. I want to show them there’s always a way to turn it around.

Speaking of going viral what’s been your most viral skit or video to date?

Oh damn… It’s definitely the Heaven Skit. (Everyone in the room starts laughing). That’s the one that really put me on the map and got everything started. It’s the skit of me in Heaven looking down on the homies like “Yo- you are really down there partying while I’m up here?” I made it relatable and I guess the people loved it. That’s the one that set everything in motion. WATCH THE VIRAL VIDEO BELOW

Rayyy Rayyy- You talk a lot of shit about people in the industry – in a funny way of course but you also give people their roses. You did the skit of Tory Lanes hairline, joked on Jim Jones, and just recently you put up a post acknowledging the good work Delonte West is doing. He struggled with addiction while in the NBA for years and was left homeless but now he works at that same facility and is helping others that are going through the same. Has anyone ever reacted or reached out to you?

Oh yeah…. Almost everybody has reached out. I did that skit about Fab and he reached out after, Fat Boy reached out to me, even Shiggy. One thing I know for a fact is that if those 2- Shiggy and Fatboy didn’t do what they did, no one would be taking these videos serious today. They really set the tone and paved the way.

You’re not just a comedian. You’re also an Artist. You have a new single out entitled “Sneaky Links”. Tell us about that single and what we can expect of Rayyy Rayyy the musician in the future?

That’s actually a single off my comedy tape and the plan was once I drop the comedy tape to release more music but the song got such good feedback that people actually like it as a real song. But yeah, I have some music up my sleeve that I plan on releasing in the future. I’m just taking everything one day at a time. The fans won’t be disappointed. Timing is everything.

Rayyy Rayyy, I heard you played High School Basketball and I also heard that you’re pretty legendary in your neighborhood of The South Bronx. You are also very tall. So How tall are you? And what was your jersey number , basketball position?

I’m 6’5, maybeeeeeee like 6 foot 6 on a good day. Maybeeeeee. (laughs) First I played at Rice and my jersey was #21. Then when I went to St. Raymond’s I wore #30 then when I got to Wayne I went back to my original number which is #22. I played the 3 and 4 spot by the way.

Is Rayyy Rayyy the comedian the same person as Rayyy Rayyy in real life? Or is it a persona?

Yeah- I’m the same person you see here. It’s not a persona.

One thing we have to talk about are your famous phrases. We call them The Rayyy Rayyy –Isms. I think I got them all. Let me know if I’m missing any:

“All My Real Rights Know”

“But Y’all Not Hearing Me Though”

“9 times out of 10”

“I’m Gonna Keep it a Whole Stack with You”

Yooooo (laughing) FACTS!– I think that’s all of them. You got them all.


Let’s go!

Sum up the current state of Hip Hop in just 1 word!

On the Rise

Tupac or Biggie?


Whose got the best Pizza in The South Bronx?


Now that you’re famous you have a bunch of famous friends. Who is the most famous person in your phone?


If you could create your very own comedy tour, who would be a part of your dream team comedy line up? Dead or Alive?

Me, Bernie Mac, Mike Epps, Kat Williams, Kevin Hart, Monique

Who are your TOP 5 artists of ALL TIME Dead or Alive?

Well in no particular order:

Jay-Z, Drake , Biggie, Nas and I’m gonna put 50 cent in there.

What’s your zodiac sign?

I’m a cancer but I’m on the cusp. June 22.

Name one thing you think that even with all the riches and fame in the world, Money will still never buy?

Genuine Love

You walk down a long hallway and at the end you come to meet 2 doors. The door to the left goes to your past. The door to your right goes to the future. You get 24 hours behind either day. Which door are you opening?

I don’t believe in rushing things so I’m gonna go back to my past

OK – This part is called – Do you believe in? Yes or No responses only. Ready?

Do you believe in…….?

Santa Clause- yeah

Aliens- yeah

UFO- Yeah

Big Foot-Nah

Life after Death- yeah

Ghosts- yeah

Timing- yeah

Second chances – Yeah

A Power Higher than you- yeah

Miracles- Yes

Fate- Yeah

Magic- Yes

Love at first sight- Yeah

Soulmates- Yeah

Rayyy Rayyy- Do You Believe In Yourself?- HELL YEAH.

Rayyy Rayyy Thank you for taking the time to talk to me and Hip Hop Weekly Magazine today! Where can our readers find you on social media? Plug yourself In so we can follow along with you on your journey.



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